Participate to the VIALITY TOUR project and come live with us an unique and memorable out of time tourism experience !

Project visual VIALITY TOUR
23 days
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Work of our 3D artists for VIALITY TOUR Marjorie FREMAUX ---------------------- Martin LOUETTE

Allocation of funds

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MOVE UP THE 3 LEVELS !! AND IF WE GO OVER THE 3 LEVELS ? According to the funds collected, we may could work from this winter on our 2nd VR guided tour so that we could be ready for the end of 2022. We can not tell more about this visit but it will be totally different from the first one. Nevertheless, it will be as impressive and immersive. It will also enable another guide to be employed in order to help Vladina for the guided tours et to help us on the research work for the conception of the visits. Profile of our cameraman and video editor : Mehdi Balamissa Linkedin : Malt : 📷 TO FINISH First of all, we would like to thanks all the people who believe in VIALITY TOUR. Without you, this project will not see the day. For more than a year and half, we are working on the project and we are waiting VIALITY TOUR for becoming materialized. Specifically, we want to thanks Adel, who believed us since the first day and gave us from his time to help us to model the first prototype. Thank you as well for his advices. A word for Margaux and Marion who accepted to play in our crowdfunding promotional video ! To finish, we are grateful to the Bibliothèque Historique de Paris for giving us the authorisation to use authentic and unique books in our video.

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