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Victor Puertas et Max Genouel - 1st album

Recording, Graphic design

Project visual Victor Puertas et Max Genouel - 1st album
36 days
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We need your support to get our first album out

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Victor Puertas et Max Genouel - 1st album

Victor and Max have been friends for years but never got the chance to play together efore November of 2018 where a tour was set up. A guitar, a Harp, a Bass and Drums, it is simple and efficient and when everything was over it felt like it was too short. So we decided to do it again, but this time with an album on top of that.


For a week, we recorded at La P'Artquetterie, an old wooden-floors factory now turned into a Juke Joint and run by friends in the middle of the french country side. The twelve tracks that we recorded during this session are a mix of covers that we love and original tunes. They are a reflection of whath is happening on stage : a fresh and spontaneous Blues where we can hear the fun.

This album is was realised in collaboration with Arnaud Fradin, well known musician of the Blues and Soul french scene ( Malted Milk // Arnaud Fradin and his Roots Combo ) who was our sound engineer.

We are truly happy with these recordings, all the different styles that inspired us along the years can be found, from swings to shuffles and a bit of soul, on a CD that will come out thanks to you.

Here is a little taste :


Allocation of funds

What we pay for :

It is a secret to no one, recording an album requires a lot of money. We payed for the recording expenses ( renting of the place, renting of the microphones, paying for the sound engineer ) and also made some videos.

The Crowdfunding :

Your help is really precious to us as we will have to pay for the mixing and mastering of the album, and all the artwork ( CD cover, band logo etc..)

It goes like this :

Artwork : 600 euros

Mixing : 1500 euros

Mastering : 600 euros

KissKissBankBank fee : 240 euros

Choose your reward

For €10

The digital copy of the album
  • Backers: 3

For €20

The digital copy of the album + The CD + a sticker
  • Backers: 13
  • Delivery March 2020

For €50

Digital copy of the album + 1 CD + 1 T-shirt
  • Backers: 4
  • Availability: 26/30
  • Delivery April 2020

For €100

All the above + 1 Harmonica signed by Victor Puertas
  • Backers: 6
  • Availability: 14/20

For €200

Digital copy of the album + 1CD+ one private lesson with one of the band members.
  • Backers: 2

For €1,000

Digital copy of the album + 1 CD + 1 private concert ( 1 hour 30 minutes - 200 km around Nantes )
  • Availability: 2/2

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