"Mes suds" is the album of convergences, those which make people and music cross, meet, ally for the best !

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<p>&ldquo;I have known <strong>Khalil Chahine</strong> for a very long time and have loved his singular compositions. They all speak of him with modesty, as a writer would invent characters rather than indulge in a biography. We shared scenes, trips and a song, one of the most beautiful in my repertoire, &quot;<strong>Clair Obscur</strong>&quot;.</p> <p>One day, in front of the lagoon of Ra&iuml;atea, while I was shooting a film with <strong>JM Barr and G&eacute;rard Jugnot</strong>, Khalil composed an air inspired by island solitude. We recorded it on the Nagra of the sound engineer of the film, at the edge of the lagoon, then forgotten in the vagaries of life that separated us. More than twenty years later, chance brought us together again to find intact the desire to work together, to give birth to what our two personalities have in common: <strong>love for the tropics</strong>, whether they are from Africa, from Africa. America or the Caribbean and <strong>Jazz</strong>. For a year Khalil composed and I wrote until we were able to present this project which is definitely the sum of what binds us together.</p> <p>The texts, with the exception of one and <strong>a French / English duet with the admirable David Linx</strong>, are in French. Mes Suds is a journey, between terrestrial and artificial paradises, it speaks of islands and oceans but also of alcohol and addictions, anger and resilience. This is the album of a love and friendship story. &quot; <em>Viktor Lazlo</em></p> <p>The musical basis of this album, Viktor Lazlo&#39;s thirteenth, is formed by a quartet with <strong>Cubans Felipe Cabrera on bass</strong> and <strong>Inor Sotolongo on percussion</strong>. <strong>On drums the Guadeloupe native Arnaud Dolmen</strong> and on the <strong>guitar Khalil Chahine, of Egyptian origin</strong>, well known for his talents as a guitarist and composer ... quartet on which Viktor puts his voice on 13 songs for which she wrote the texts and including Khalil Chahine composed the music and who ensures the musical arrangements. There are also <strong>St&eacute;phane Chausse on the clarinet</strong> on several titles, <strong>Christophe Cravero on the piano</strong> as well as the <strong>violinist Leonor de Recondo</strong>. Finally <strong>David Linx</strong>, a close friend of Viktor for a long time, intervenes on a duet song (Bukowski) in order to bring an additional dimension to the balance of this album. In short, a record in which each musician will bring their own musical color through the varied origins that make up the team!</p> <p>-------------------------------------------------- -----------</p> <p><strong>A few words about Viktor Lazlo&#39;s career:</strong></p> <p>Born in France, in Lorient, to a Martinican father and a Grenadian mother, <strong>Viktor Lazlo</strong>, developed a passion for music and writing at a very young age. The violin and the dance will train her on the stage until the age of seventeen, at the same time as the European school of foreign languages.</p> <p>She began studying art history and archeology, which she interrupted, discovered by producer Lou Deprijk to record her first album, the music for <strong>Jean Pierre Mocky</strong>&#39;s film: A mort l&acute;arbitre.</p> <p>Then will follow more than ten albums and compilations which will be sold in more than thirty countries, several <strong>duets (with Florent Pagny, Arno, Biaggio Antonacci, Maggie Riley&hellip;)</strong>, <strong>five gold CDs</strong>, concert tours in Germany, Austria, Japan , Taiwan, Canada, Turkey&hellip; and more than twenty five television and cinema films, in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain.</p> <p>She published her first novel, <strong>La femme qui pleure</strong>, in 2010 with Albin Michel, a novel which received <strong>the Charles Brisset Prize</strong> and a second in the fall of 2012, My Name is Billie Holiday, with the same publisher, in line with her work. on the jazz icon. A third novel is due out in fall 2014.</p> <p>The musical show Loin de Paname, created in 2003 in Paris, paved the way for him to reconnect with this magical alliance between song and acting.</p> <p><strong>The show &ldquo;My Name is Billie Holiday&rdquo;</strong> created in Brussels in 2011 calls to remember the greatest jazz singer of all time, Billie Holiday.</p> <p>In 2012, the show took on a new dimension with the staging of <strong>Eric Emmanuel Schmitt </strong>for the Th&eacute;&acirc;tre Rive Gauche in Paris, and Viktor went on tour for two with this new version from 2013 to 2015. At the same time she was working on d other projects including <strong>&quot;Trois Femmes&quot;, a tribute recital to jazz divas.</strong></p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p>

Allocation of funds

<p>The funds collected will mainly be used to adjust the <strong>mixing and mastering</strong> of the album <strong>(3,000 &euro;)</strong> which has just been recorded at the Studio de Meudon, a studio renowned for the great qualities of its acoustics, its equipment and its technicians, and or many famous artists have passed.</p> <p>This budget will also be used to cover <strong>printing and computer graphics costs</strong> for the CD&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>(&euro; 3,000)</strong>. Finally, part of the funds will be used to pay the press officer (Promotion agent)&nbsp;as well as the <strong>promotion </strong>of the album <strong>(4,000 &euro;) </strong>to the media when it is released.</p> <p>If we manage to exceed the amount we have set for this campaign, the extra money&nbsp;will be invested for an additional contribution in the promotion in order to ensure a better visibility of the album on the market and with the media.</p>


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