Vision of future dreams Odyssey 2018

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Vision of future dreams Odyssey 2018

Our next Event! Odyssey 18 next July the 6th, 7th and 8th ! 

Vision of future dreams a.s.b.l is designed to make  our guests dreaming and dancing through a unique and authentic psychedelic experience respecting all its actors, of course Mother Nature, to the sounds of the original electronic music, quality Goa-Trance, and the last but not the slightest detail ... giving humanity to the people who need it! Enjoy our positive momentum and listen to our crew speaking with their art and their heart!

Please don't hesitate to learn even more about our values and tradition...

Do you remenber Last year Goa Gil ? So for sure Odyssey will be the same spirit! but 3 days , lot's of dj's, workshops, activities, kids area, and a new location in the Ardenne along a river!


Behind our project ' Vision of future dreams Odyssey ', work men and women who serve artists and enthusiasts converging on a common goal: to give heart to perpetuate Trance-Goa music as original music, and its psychedelic culture, its traditions, the flourishing of its creative sphere and the sharing of its noble values; and a particular country the theater of this movement: our beloved India.

' Vision of future dreams Odyssey ' is a great ambition in terms of socio-cultural connections but also a big building site with all its requirements, that's why we use the Crow-funding to feel a little more comfortable in the design and construction of it ... we give ourselves the means to create this sacred space that will be conducive to this tribal gathering bringing you the ' Magic ' at the rendez-vous!

I invite you to check the after-movie of our last event...

Allocation of funds

Vision of future dreams - a.s.b.l ,

as written in our association's statutes,  has the social purpose of encouraging Art with a great A, to present new talents & artists having the same dynamics ; we provide them tools or a structure that the couldn't afford . Beyond the festivities of the event like Odyssey , Vision of future dreams actively contributes to projects of hearts including ' Art Classes project '. , in energy  and strategy to find out money to finance it !

Art Classes Project - a.s.b.l , 

 is a platform that allows artists and art students to propose their free or paid art classes projects to children there it has not been done yet, or as it does not have still been done.

The aim is to offer creative and fulfilling workshops to underprivileged children in India (free classes), or in ordinary education (paying most of time in Belgium). 

Our target would be to finance side projet 'Art Classes project' with about 20 pour-cents of our gain ( not more as the project has to remain in good shape) as when we do the classes in India, most of time artists have to pay all the fees like transport and guesthouses ; so when we explain that to artists it's difficult to afford so would be beautiful that the association could pay those fees!

We are working in loving memories of the founder of the project Mister Oliver Finn who died last year and gave us this beautiful present  , to our crew,... the opportunity  to continue this wonderful story about Humanity ! This project Must remain alive ! May Ganesh Bless our project ! 

For your information, On the total of the money we are going, we really hope, to reach, 5% commission will go to KissKissBankBank, & 3% for bank charges. 

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Combi 5 adults for festival Odyssey


Estimated delivery: July 2018

Combi 3 days for 5 adults for festival Odyssey / One of you , you're our guest! / Camping included / Free for people over 55 years old ! / Will be sent by E-Ticket by mail.
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