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Vladimir Cauchemar Fan Art

Hey guys !

 am a 3D artist / designer. Self-taught in this area, I spent a year training myself in adequate software for the realization of this kind of project. The character and music of Vladimir Cauchemar were an important source of inspiration for me. It is for these reasons that I decided that it would be the first physical project on which I would be involved. Unfortunately, nothing being done without resources, I need your help to make this project a reality.
After spending a lot of time building this character in 3D and keeping most of what I wanted to tell, I drew its shapes and now that I'm completely satisfied with it, I think it's time to make it happen. But for that, I need your help. Concretely, the final project will take the form of a statuette about 15 cm high, fully 3D printed and in resin and painted by hand by me.

For the die-hard fans, other artistic objects will accompany the release of this figure. Such as dedicated packaging, a poster, key chains or stickers. This project is for the fans but also for sculpture/collectibles lovers.

In any case, I hope that it will make as many people as possible want to participate, so that this object can see the light of day and at the same time that you can offer yourself a beautiful and original product of which you will be proud.

Here's what resin 3d printing will look like:


Below, I am explaining to you how the funds will help me and the different counterparties.

Allocation of funds

This collection will allow me to carry out this project in good conditions.
This would result in the production of a quality object. Concretely, the funds willcallow me to buy all the becessary material for the realization of this type of project and to produce certain things which I cannot take care of alone. From the purchase of a professional quality 3D printer, painting, varnishes, resin, post-production tools, packaging printing, poster production and even stickers and keyrings.
I also anticipate attractive rewards for all contributors. Even the lowest contribution will receive a mini skull keychain painted (choice of 3 colors) and 3D printed of excellent quality.

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