Voyage Artistique en Asie

Support us to exchange, learn street art artistic techniques, working with local artists in 5 Asian countries!

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Voyage Artistique en Asie

Hello everyone !

We are two lovers of travel and art, originating in the Lyonnaise region. We embarked on a somewhat crazy project, that of traveling with backpack and pot of paint across Asia for 6 months.  






- Burma 20 October - 20 November

- Thailand North November 21 - Dec 5

- Laos 6 December - 1 January

- Vietnam 2 January - 2 February

- Cambodia 3 February - 4 April

Date that may be shifted according to our progress

We decided to embark on such a project because we love to travel, exchange and learn! It was the perfect time to get started. In fact, Quentin has just finished his studies and for my part, I do not have a fixed job apart from my artistic works. So it was now or never!

This journey of 6 months in Asia to 5 destinations will aim to make you discover a true artistic exchange!

The great challenge of the project is to take inspiration from what we will see on site to create unique frescos with local artists and techniques along the way! It is expected that we spend a few days in an art school (Phare Ponleu Selpak) in Cambodia to exchange and share around art and culture!

It will also be an opportunity to take up sporting challenges! Traveling in a backpacking itinerary is already one for us! This will allow us to plunge into nature to see beautiful landscapes.


Like a travel diary, we will take you to the heart of urban Asia. Through this journey, Valentin aka Drunk and Slip wants to confront its art, its origins with other codes, other traditions, other cultures. Painting is for him a means of meeting people, a way of working new looks, new traits. The objective is also to understand what is happening in front of the wall, how everything is organized, how the choices of colors, style, size are put in place.

Quentin will be responsible for managing the photos, the Facebook page as well as Instagram so you can follow the adventure more closely! But also the meetings with local artists and itineraries. But he plans to paint well too!

Facebook : 

Instagram :

Allocation of funds

Such a project obviously represents a substantial budget and it is not always obvious to put aside the study. That is why we will try to stay in hostels or even in the inhabitant.

Our budget is 5000 euros for a duration of 6 months which includes vaccines, flights, housing, transport and food. We inquired about the cost of living on the spot for each country.

The objective is to collect a sum to enable us to obtain paint and equipment as well as the 4 visas in order to paint frescoes with artists such as JECK BKK, STUPID NOOB, MAUY and others ... in one maximum location.


- Burma 50 euros

- Thailand free for less than 30 days

- Laos 30 euros

- Vietnam 60 euros

- Cambodia 30 euro

That is 340 euros for the 2

Painting :

10 bombs a 4 euros per wall 40 euros

5 countries including 1 wall per country or 200 euros

Plus 2 rolls (5th), Produced as white spirit (2,50e), A folding ladder (80th) and other small equipment essential!

A total of 300 euros for painting and 340 for visas.

For a total of 650 euros

So Valentin will collect the entire collection, and of course, if we exceed the amount requested we will be able to paint more!

The scene of street art is booming in Asia, artists have timidly dared to invest the walls, but still remain chilly. On the contrary, it is the invited European artists who mix Western and Asian culture.

In summary, if you want to make our trip even more extraordinary and creative, do not hesitate to finance our project!

Thank you !






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Estimated delivery: September 2018

Un gros merci et Bob sérigraphie par Drunk and Slip !
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