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Creating a collaborative online platform as a tool to discuss science in a fun and original way, and break stereotypes regarding science . This platform will gather numerous projects where youths will be the first actors.




- For the youths: A space of freedom of expression on any topics connected to science, triggering their curiosity and encouraging them through contest-games and events

- For the citizens : An aesthetic and interactive website to really understand what is science today

- For the teachers : A new tool to teach science at school, in an innovative and fun way by working with there students on creating content for the platform


We are officially supported by "la Cité des Sciences et de l'industrie" and by "le Palais de la Découverte" (Paris) which are the most visited museums regarding Science Outreach in France





- 30% of researchers in Europe are women (She Figures, 2009, European commission report)

- 83% of engineers are men in Europe (She Figures, 2009, European commission report)

- 8% of university deans are women in France

- 17% of paramedical jobs are occupied by men Too many stereotypes drive youths in their choices of education ! Clichés prevents them from choosing the right topic and we want to break cliches related to science.  




- Deconstructing stereotypes related to science by giving science a better image through original and fun content

- Showing that science is possible for everyone, thanks to interviews of women and men from all over the world, working in science after different levels of study

- Building a new tool for and with teachers to use WAX at school and get science out of the classroom into the real world!

- Starting contest-game to let youths express themselves !

- Creating network of associations and scientist to enhance collaborations and discussions  




Sharing, Curiosity, Initiative, Collaboration, Fun are the essential strengths of our project.

Our fundamental goal : Trigger curiosity and initiatives.










1/ Everything started in 2012. At that time, a friend asked us to make doodle videos for popularising science, like why is the sky blue ?

2/ A day of November 2012, we participated to the European Gender Summit video contest, entitled "Science, it's your thing". Let's go, the deadline was in 2 weeks ! It was the first doodle video we had to make. Challenge accepted.

3/ The team worked hard, and we managed to finish the video on time, and spread massively the word on social networks.

4/ And we won.

5/ Thanks to François Taddei, an article is published in the french newspaper "Le Monde". We started to meet people. Lots of people.

6/ We were already wondering about promoting science, gender equality, how to transmit our passion and commitment to youth. While discussing with people, our project grew are took a shape. It had no name, but aimed at promoting science for all, through new technologies. The science we like: fun, exciting, visionary, equal.

7/ We talked to people around us. To friends, friends of friends. We ended up with a team, helping us to carry the project further.

8/ Here we are now, thanks to these motivated, motivating, dynamic, skillful people.  

9/ WAX Science, it's an entire community's work, gathered around shared values. Where you're the only missing!  



The video of the project :





Allocation of funds

17,200 € are needed to launch the collaborative platform (developtment, server, maintenance)


This platform needs to be independant. This is why, the WAX science association already ask for different public funding grant. But a way to stay even more independant is to favor crowdfunding incomes. And here is our first crowdfunding campaign, and we hope will not be the last, since we hope relying only on that funding model in the future.


More precisely, 5,000€ will be dispatch as followed :


- 100 € : buying domain name

- 3500 € : early development of the platform

- 1000 € : one year maintenance

- 400 € : KissKissBankBank fees



For french citizen, see the french version for more information concerning taxes reduction.

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