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Come discover the Guinean capital with our documentary series, Welcome to Conakry!

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Welcome to Conakry









As a West African port city in the Atlantic Ocean, Conakry is the capital and economic, financial and cultural center of Guinea. This city today is home to over 2 million people, making it one of the most important African cities. 








Welcome to Conakry is a documentary series made up of 6 episodes which will accent the dynamic Guinean capital of today particularly through its active young population.


"A big city girl at heart and passionate for unique encounters, Aïcha Diaby meets the dynamic movers and shakers of the Guinean capital. Throughout her trip, she will visit every corner of Conakry, from the trendy neighborhoods of Kipé to the beautiful beaches of the Islands of Loos. With humor and authenticity, she will share with you the daily lives of the designers, musicians and entrepreneurs with animate the city of Conakry!"





 This series aims to promote the inspiring stories of the youth of Conakry while also bringing you along on the discovery of the capital.


The series is divided into 6 episodes of 25 minuites each. Each episode with tackle a different theme :


- Fashion and Haute Couture

- Return to the Country

- Women in Urban Music

- Young Entrepreneurs

- Contemporary Art and Street Art

- Guinean Gastronomy



Filming and Premiere


- Filming is scheduled in Conakry at the end of October 2016. The team will explore the 5 districts of Conakry: Matam, Ratoma, Kaloum, Dixinn, Matoto and the Islands of Loos.


- The film will be available with subtitles in French and English.


- The premiere will take place in January 2017.



We're county on your support to help us realize our objectives:


- Promote the various activities of the youth in Conakry


- High light the dynamic and active people making things happen in the city and their innovative ideas


- Promote a positive image of the Guinean capital throughout the world


- Fight against prejudices and the all too common negative representations of Africa in the media.





The initiative, Welcome to Conakry, fits perfectly into the Sustainable Development Goals  set by the UN in 2015 (following the Millennium Development Goals). 








Goal 17:


"Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development."


Goal 5:


5.1 "End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere."






I'm Aïcha Diaby, a young and motivated Franco-Guinean and student of African History at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne.




To understand a bit better what motivated me to take on such a project, here's how it all started:


"Often when I meet people and they ask me about my origines, I end up waiting quite a while before anyone mentions Guinea-Conakry. Guinea isn't the country people think of right away. It actually is one of the 25 countries the least visited in the world. And yet, the country holds enormous cultural and natural diversity. The capital is dynamic and multicultural and is evolving before our eyes!


"When I used to go to Guinea, it was always to see family and so it wasn't until last December that I was really able to discover this West African capital. Quite pleasantly surprised by the dynamic city, I fell under the charm of Conakry. I discovered a vibrant city, full of life!


"From this moment on, my mission was no longer just to discover the curious and trendy spots of the city, but also to show off this positive image of the country.


"So, in January 2016, I launched the Facebook page and short video, Welcome to Conakry which has racked up over 75,000 views on social networks!"





After that, I also had the chance to organize a conference with the youth of Conakry on "How to Export the Image of Conakry to the World."




It was at this moment that I had the idea to create a documentary series that told of the Conakry of today.












 Aïcha Diaby


A 22 year old Franco-Guinean, Aïcha Diaby is a student in Human Sciences at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is also the Vice Chair for Conakry World Book Capital 2017. A city girl at heart and passionate about the continent of Africa, she is a part of the African Diaspora that dreams to see Africa develop. According to her, Guinea is a wonderful country that deserves more visibility around the world. Through Welcome to Conakry, Aïcha Diaby hopes to promote the activities of the youth in Guinea and reveal the touristic potential of the country.



Aboubacar Naby Camara


Aboubacar Naby Camara, at 25 years old, this Franco-Guinean is working on his doctorate in Arts at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne. He already has a bachelors in Arts as well as a Masters in Art and Image. Through is art, he explores questions connecting identity with mixed medias, exhibits and photography. Passionate about contemporary art, hi-tech and by all artistic and cultural initiatives which help particularly to develop the African Continent. He wishes to contribute to the cultural spread of Guinea throughout the world via Welcome to Conakry.



  Geoffrey Delperdang  


American and lover of Guinea  and its capital, Conakry, at 26 years old, Geoffrey is excited to lend his talents and networks to the elaboration and evolution of this project, Welcome to Conakry. Having lived two years in Guinea as a teacher in a rural village, he developed love for the country, the culture, the languages, and the people of Guinea in general. Soon to have his Master's degree in International Cooperation in Education and Training  from the University of Paris V Paris-Descartes and after an internship at the International Organization of the Francophonie, Geoffrey hopes to work on the quality of Education in West Africa, while wishing for a return to the country he holds dear, Guinea. And as the resident English-speaker, Geoff wishes you a warm Welcome to Conakry!!         



   Bangaly Bangoura

Guinean and living in the district of Ratoma of Conakry, Bangaly is a camera man and film editor for a Guinean T.V. channel and has produced many reports. Passionate about all that is audio-visual, Bangaly hopes to help people all over the world discover his Conakry through is vocation. There from the start of "Welcome to Conakry," Bangaly will accompany, advise and guide the team throughout the shooting.



      The Directors:




The French directors, Téo Jaffre et Pierre Émilio, have worked together with many independent artists and labels and direct primarily music videos. Pierre has already directed a short film in Georgia Bazari Ar Aris mixing human encounters and extreme sports - prize winning and shown in many different film festivals. The director-duo has already been to Guinea to produce a music video, Anato, by the widely appreciated Guinean singer Alpha Baba, They loved Guinea and are really excited to participate in the project to promote the image of this beautiful country and its residents. Their mission, once in Conakry, will be to follow Aïcha and the Conakrykas that cross her path.









Allocation of funds

Disposant d’un matériel image et son et de réalisateurs professionnels, notre campagne de crowdfunding servira à financer une partie de nos dépenses logistiques.



Eight percent of the funds got to Kisskissbankbank as commission, which accounts for 400 Euros of the 5,000.


- Transportation (1500€) : Plane tickets for the team to travel from France to Guinea.


- Lodging (1500€) : Lodging for the team in Conakry during the 11 days (10 nights) of filming.


Logistics(1600€) : This includes the costs of eating for the team and covers various costs while working with local collaborators (transportation to site, food, staging and production)


TOTAL : 5,000 Euros



If we go over our objective? :


If we go over our objective, the extra funds will allow us to better promote the documentary series in France, in Guinea  and throughout all of Africa. This support will equally help us to advance in our vision of the project to:

- Develop the website welcometoconakry.com, an interactive and participative online tourist guide,

- cover admission fees for various international festivals,

- and the publication of a photo book Welcome to Conakry which will be accompanied by a photo exhibit in Conakry.



Projected Schedule:


October 27th 2016: Arrival of directors in Conakry. The rest of the team will already be in place (after having advanced their plane tickets).


From October 28th to November 6th: Shooting the documentary series.


November 7th: Departure of the directors


November/ December: Series' editing and production.


Start of January 2017: The premiere in Paris and Conakry!










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