ARTBOOK x BASKETBALL "When Basketball Inspires"

A unique 300-page book on art and basketball

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ARTBOOK x BASKETBALL "When Basketball Inspires"

"When Basketball Inspires" is an art book featuring more than a hundred artists who drew their inspiration from basketball. More than 300 pages of art installations, paintings, sculptures and encounters… from David Hammons to Daniel Arsham to Victor Solomon and Jeff Koons, a wide range of artists who make this book unique. ORIGINS : After having produced artistic exhibitions and immersive experiences around basketball, Trajectoire Studio and its founder Jérémie Nassir wanted to embark on the production of a book combining their 2 passions, art and basketball and thus receive that this sport inspires. - Between art and the basket, the relationship today seems practically organic. The greatest contemporary artists have faced it. For a little over a century, many have been touched by the basket, its rules, its values and its aesthetics. A COLLECTABLE OBJECT - 304 pages - Dimensions: 30 x 25 x 3.5cm - Cover: luxury canvas - 150g inner paper - Weight: 2.1 kg - Public sale price: 79 € Christmas gift: Reception before December 20, 2021 OUR VALUES : A true sports enthusiast, Trajectoire Studio strives to produce artistic actions around sport in a creative and independent way. Large-scale art exhibition or smaller-scale art gallery, collaboration with all types of talents, the studio strives to give all its energy to advance the culture of sport. Democratizing art through passion, creating encounters and dialogue as well as promoting responsible sport, are the essential values from which all the studio's reflections start. The wealth of the studio lies in its curiosity, its creation and above all its willingness to open up to others. Painters, visual artists, sculptors, designers, or other talents, Trajectoire Studio's desire is to always go further by collaborating with a very wide range of artists.

Allocation of funds

We self-publish this book and the pre-sales campaign covers part of the production costs of the book. Your support will allow us to increase the production of books and create an event in December 2021 in a place in the heart of Paris with an artistic program open to all. Thanks : Thank you to all the artists who accepted to be part of this book and this adventure. Thank you to Stéphane Ashpool, Kévin Couliau and Nick Ansom for giving themselves up and thus allowing us to know a little more about their history and their passion. Thank you Serge Ibaka (NBA player of the Los Angeles Clippers) for giving us his vision in the preface. Thank you to the whole team: Agnès et Baptiste from Studio Agnès Dahan, thank you Violaine Aurias, thank you Elisabeth Chaniot, thank you Gino Delmas, thank you Michele from Match studio for the video, thank you Michel Naufal for the 3D views of the book, thank you Julien from the Lamif studio for the com visuals and thank you Dorith and Iris for their daily presence.


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