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Hi, I'm Raymond, 36, 149 IQ. Support a project for a brand new life: writing, painting, singing, developing an app, an equation...

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Hi, I’m Wil Hunting, but my name is Raymond Camus, call me Raymond.  I am 36 years old, 149 IQ since 11 months, my life must change, but where to start? Maybe here, now and thanks to you!


My project for which I call on this wonderful tool called crowdfunding, this project is the easiest one to expose in the eyes of all! Because it is incredibly common. And you, millions of sponsors for thousands hominid’s ideas, have the same project than me. The project is then basic and universal, it summarizes like that: make use till infinite of skills life is offering.

How’s that this is an enigmatic synthesis?


My life, here it is, and that's why I need you my friends. It never allowed me to live the hidden part of the iceberg, the unexplored way of my frustrated potential. Read this singular trade-show throughout, you will notice that the emerged part is now and already a huge and flowered territory, and if my project wins over you, then dare provoke one more causality in the universe. So to be completely clear, honest and open, the project it’s me.

It seems clear if you fund my project, that all facts that filled, are filling and will fill my life will have charmed you. But no future without history, as you will admit this: present is equal to the experience accumulation. That is true from the individual to the universe Global mass. Evolution itself grows on this experience accumulation Principle. Thus if "one" as "all" make out with lucidity our history’s analysis in this present moment, then future can only be evolution. I swear!


To tell you about myself, from yesterday to nowadays, my childhood, myself as an adult too, but without drawing a tear to your eye, other than the laughing one...   


It begins with a banal birth from two ill-repute duckbills and little looking on the quality of life they can afford. This birth is mine, one day of August the 9th of 1981, I am the fifth in the six thug’s bunch.   

But who are those two misplaced duckbills in the depths of the French countryside? And what are two duckbills doing in France? That, I can’t tell you! Sorry, I'm not a zoologist. Let's talk about the father of this thug’s bunch. He is a worker in the railways, his main characteristic is to bring too often his hydration desire to a product called "alcohol", he wreaks havoc on humans, so on a lower species...by the way can’t we talk about suicide cause in the light of the duckbill’s fragility, it seems predictable that he wouldn’t live to a ripe old age. It did not fail, he died young, I was three years old. You may say "it's a short paternal biography" ... to be honest, now you know as much as I do about him. I'll add that he mixed "alcohol" and "slap", and you "humans" know that you must not mix both.


Let's talk about the mother of this swamp mafia bunch, she has a primordial place in this early biography, not least because she joined the Australian hell only two years ago. So I have more stinky anecdotes about her. For her everything got off to a bad start, my grandmother having, like her two brothers, abandoned her to the Animal Protection Society. After a few years of cage and pills, she was placed with substitute parents. But where it must have been a chance for wandering, it was wandering for sad situations. The appointed tutors were farmers, as often at this time the wandering children came to swell the ranks of farmers without workforce. So my dear mother, with her duck face, spent her childhood working in the farm, and getting the field plowed by this pitiful new father. At twenty, of course, when it was time to choose a husband, she found one of the same kind. An Oedipus story from what I read from humans.   


I must admit that having duckbills parents is quite surprising, I deal with that, to each his own gestation!


Well for those who would not take the trouble to read my all in all tiny life with dark tendencies, and although this mini biography is told with a huge humoristic outdistance, isn’t it? For you, lazy readers, cause some suggests they are numerous, I thought about you! Here is your schedule: watch again Good Will Hunting or discover this film, and ask yourself if you would fund this thousands abilities survivor?  

However, if curiosity is itching you to read more after this short parental briefing, I invite you to download this PDF which will tell you the developments of my duckbill adventure!


Let’s go on, everything starts really in the year of my fourteen, school deeply bores me, the connection with others is complex and I need more autonomy, so the professional way seems the most concrete. I also philosophically make the choice to never drink such devastating human beverage. I still stand today, well... So I interviewed a referent and trustful adult...Michel! His advice was this one: "Make food, you'll always have work". And what I love is eating good bread and pastries, so here am I to become a baker. It was 22 years ago, I have not stopped working since then, but I didn’t do only bread! To be honest, here are the strings that I have to my workman bow, the only human sector that allows ill-repute duckbills...note that the strings of my bow are brilliant because as you have more or less understood, my brain aims for excellence. So I master(ed) the craft of baking but also: cooking, restaurant service, establishment of a food production site, sanitary maintenance in all its forms, electricity, plumbing, masonry, service of precious nectar at the bar, mechanics on old vehicle, welding, car painting, carpentry, research and restoration of old secondhand objects, I was also a florist (I loved that even if the opulence of dead flowers was upsetting me ...), I excel in DIY of any kind, my geek side masters the computer tool (software and hardware) and the multiple finesse of Internet culture, moreover here is a picture of my cats!


I was also a restaurant manager. And finally, these last 5 years, I ran my small bakery business, but Raymond version.


My baker adventure article published in Combi Magazine (Special Edition n°16 – December 2015), click here!


I closed it in February of this year! A month and a half after my IQ test, 15 days before my divorce. Nice timing I find! It is innate the timing sense for duckbill, must know it! I am passionate about cognitive science, quantum physics and its derivatives, the behavior of the masses, psychology...and all that can work my neurons in a frenzy. Unfortunately, it is often to adjust Ikea closet doors that my qualities are in use...



I see approaching the end of this story addressed to you, I hope he conquered you because the end is often more or less successful. Sorry!


I divorced at the beginning of the year after 13 years of love travel. Very clearly I still have a bitter taste, but as always, my mind take delight in all the contingencies caused by these years! During this divorce, I met the true and great feminine freedom, she’s the one who supports me in this crazy and iconoclastic process, and also who translates it into Shakespeare language. I would also set-up again an entrepreneurial project in her company if this approach to you doesn’t succeed... sniff (complicated to work for a boss when you worked for yourself). So I'm in peace and madly in love, with an 8 year old son who delights me with his ideals.



I’m a duckbill who is no longer afraid of himself and I yearn to be human! I opened the boxes of my creations realized 10 years ago, gathered the texts that I wrote and stored during all this time spent (all this year).


Don't see anything, click here!

But why was he afraid of himself wondering the human being behind his screen? Curious that you are! At the time of my creative letting go (20 years), strange phenomenon began to occur, people appear to me as colorful, words become pigments to put together, good music pulls me tears, bad one makes me throw up. My feeling for the other is visceral and the pain of others destroys me. I also note with force that my language is enhanced. I also measure, bit after bit, that my interventions in the lives that I meet are remarkable, that one listens to my little workers' analyzes. By the way I take an infinite pleasure to build a persuasive argument.


Add to all this a flow of endless thoughts that strives to dissect everything. And worse, when I sleep, I travel in a huge dreamlike territory because I practice the lucid dream without wanting it. Moreover, this term is part of my vocabulary only for a few years (now), thank you internet! Quickly popularize the phenomenon of lucid dreaming: it's when you dream of your own death! But instead of being scared and anxious like a pig at the slaughterhouse. Your mind is as lucid as when I write these words! So your inside you, enjoys this morbid scene and gets impatient to know what happens after death (I dreamt 12 times of my own death...). All these quirks have grown steadily since I was 20, step by step. I live in an observation where everything is bound by visible strings to my eyes, where fate doesn’t exists. Deeply spurred on by a curiosity and an inexhaustible capacity to innovate.


During these last 15 years I did not find anybody to speak about all these peculiarities, and especially not to my shrink, I was afraid that he would lock me up! I put all that aside. I concluded to an upcoming madness that would decant (we say decompensation for human being). And that would make sense in fact, marijuana, my improbable origins, plus the tumults of my childhood...the perfect cocktail to be crazy. I clearly never really gave credit to my billions of thoughts despite the confidence (I had) in myself that I could sport. It was my son's test that led me to get out of this intelligence denial. My test, which followed the one of my boy, just proved what my unconscious rumbled for 36 years and to which I remained deaf, I'm not crazy, you know!!!


Yesterday I was afraid of myself and that was all, life seemed so easy. Today I'm afraid of everything but myself and my life seems more complex...more than my test, being able to talk about my strangeness to a shrink who knows the subject was a renaissance by recognition. What was yesterday's madness has become an accepted feature for people like me. How am I so different is an answer that you surely expect? I will answer this question, and I will conclude my mini biography with this poetic explanation.


NB: I want to clarify that you won’t have the joy of discovering me in the many tools that offers internet (social networks…), despite my proven geek side. At best you will find remains of a site created 10 years ago in an attempt at artistic deployment. But nothing fixed on the subject of digital communication, I just had no reason to devote myself... What a duckbill worker may have to tell?



Yesterday (November 7th, 2017), I took a break of 2 hours on a stream edge to answer this question:


There is sun but it is a light radiation of autumn as we like it in South of France.


I am on a streamside barely shaded by the charismatic plane trees that fill it, their immensity is translucent I told myself.


So the light is omnipotent, she crosses everything, as she arises on my hands by writing these words. She lands over me, over my shoulders...I land over her.


I often look for a stone or a root that she heats since midday. My buttocks, which they are normal, do not appreciate the freshness too long. I thus occupy a part of my thinking to walk calmly on this nook of nothingness.


The space is big, my steps are nonchalant.


I often observe myself during this time, I see myself walking. I also look at the one who sees me walking.


And at the same time my acorn brain attend to multiple occupations, it is greedy.


It counts the still vibrant leaves on the plucked trees, class them by musicality’s rhythm, goes back to the time of all that it can capture, the origin of the plants surrounding it, the duck and its thousands of years of lineage. It also projects their millions of years to come...


It thinks as often to the human being and his future, to the legitimacy of this project, poor dream of duckbill in his swamp.


As a backdrop, the vast feeling that all is vain to emphasize this melancholic landscape.


A second has passed, then another, the flow has not stopped. Neither the one of the brook nor the one of thoughts.


I am trying to calm the flow of my billions ideas. Permanently torn between my enthusiasms and the abysses of my despair.


The capture of information decreases a bit, I learned to tame me.


I am at peace, the decor has a form of perfection. I project myself too. All I have to be, I'll be!

Such is all that is. Determinism is everywhere, fate cannot exist.


I'm leaving in my old VW, obsolete object, so many stories to tell compared to adulterated plastics.


I am neither rich nor poor in the human sense. For duckbills, I'm the elite, nay the king forever! But I did not decide to stay in my inhospitable neighborhoods, I want to evolve (progress).


Not to reach that banal stage that overwhelms the hominid, this crazy passion for the accumulation of objects. I make recovery and I know how to fix everything. So keep your iPhone and your potato masher.


I just want to carry my word of freedom, share the wealth of my lineage, with wisdom and humility. That's why so much about me is revealed to you.


Hoping that you will have enjoyed the story of my reality.


Wishing for tomorrow that we all can achieve ourselves.


Excuse me if the facts of my life jostle, they are pure truth. And for those who doubt, learn about a wave called "radical honesty", I am severely affected!




Allocation of funds

The very good news of this 36-years of frustration is this: I had time to clean up and get to the point. Above all, as the word frustration says, I have a very wide appetite to realize myself. But I can’t do it without you. Working life leaves little energy for my thousand ideas.


My life project is therefore defined in a single level.

The number one goal is writing a book.

This single stage is set at € 10,000.


Well, it will allow me to be able to devote myself exclusively to the writing of a book, to its correction and to the research of a publishing house, before setting up again a professional activity. All in 6 months maximum, I swear! So to be clear and open, this amount will serve partly to my basic needs (accomodation and food)! Because writing is for me a long-term and high-precision work (by the way, the writing of this project has started in July). Knowing that this book will be my first, I must be perfectionist up to my fund-raising if it succeeds. The other part will be used for revision and correction by a professional. As well as sending to publishing houses.

This book aims to be sold in classical spreads networks for modern literature (paper and digital). Go see the compensations to have your dedication copy!


So these 6 months will be filled by the writing of a book in priority because it takes (has taken) an incredible place in my brain and for too long! (Some major lines are already written in my notebooks).


Try to read some, click here !


This book deals with testosterone, its involvement in all traits of society. The immense responsibility that masculinity represents in the development of human civilization. Its consequences in all societal traits: religious, economic, cultural, political, scientific ... etc. This pamphlet will also highlight a fundamental idea, a strong thought for all women in the world. The millions of women who have died from excess of phallus have to be recognized as genocide through the thousands of years they have been through. Only condition to my eyes for our species to make a good move forward. You surely think that the term genocide cannot be apply to women ... Don’t scream victory you male chauvinist: it would only need that they set themselves up as a "woman" nation and we would be obliged to acquiesce in the legitimacy of this term. I know that many men will be relieved to stand back on the influence of this hormone, many are ready. As for women, they will only feel liberated from this oppression. This essay is therefore intended to blow up a lead weight on the subject of our male dominions. I dream of a time when, to seduce his betrothed, only beautiful poetic phrase and flowers will be used. Rather than intolerable hands on buttocks for our level of consciousness and development. Weinstein & co, if you read me, think about castration. 



But it’s not finished! I have several ideas that grab my neurons (the opposite would seem strange given the claim of my 149 IQ, isn’t it?).


- Two more books

- An application

- A song album

- An exhibition of my paintings

- Develop an artistic mathematics

- Think about a science of emotion


Here are the priorities. And I will develop their point by point (except the science of emotion, which is a long-term job)!


It speaks of a man, he has just been elected president of humanity, 99.99% of the vote, yet he was not a candidate in this election. Only he did not vote for himself because he doesn’t trust himself. So he didn’t vote, as usual. Nobody knows his name, only his pseudonym on the internet (Condescension), nobody knows his face. The whole humanity is suspended to this new prophet, he has made so much talk about him this last decade, on the internet ... The book begins with his inauguration speech, he will reveal his name, share his face in the eyes of all . In his long-awaited speech, he will unveil all smiles the crash of his death scheduled in a week. This story is told to us a few years later by his son, an average individual of human civilization, because everyone has become common since this presidential week. Everyone is common and at the same time outstanding, ambivalence having become a stand for individual and collective wisdom. It was the last election organized by humanity. This novel speaks of the responsibility of those who decide for those who follow these decisions. Morality in power, because power is not a bad word if it’s exercised virtuously and with humility.


It speaks about the internet society. It wishes to highlight all the capital gains that this tool brings to our generation. Develop the principle of a super state. Highlight all the consequences that have already had, the benefits for each individual to have free access to such a resource center. The obvious fact that we are reclaiming the economy and distribution channels of our needs. Of course, we still have to sort out the quality of the information circulating there, but does not this sort of reasoning force us to build our critical mind in a more radical way? See the good side of all these permanent innovations, the strong emulation that it produces in each respective community. The purpose of this book is to proclaim loudly the possibility offered by this media. Defend the idea that thanks to him, we all move at the digital speed. And thanks to this permanent digital evolution, we are perhaps closer than ever (to) our species has been, to live a present that allows us to sleep soundly without feeling guilty about our impact in this world. This book is a burglary against the ambient cynicism and its omnipotence.


Because in my many writings, a lot of songs hang around. The video provided for my project is as autobiographical in its text, as a demonstration of my song and my abilities in plastic art. I hope you like it. I will need some singing lessons for sure, find a good musician and produce a first draft. That's what your money will be used for if my story conquers you.




Here are the two paintings I made in the last 5 years in parallel with my hard work activities.


To see more details, click here!


To see more details, click here!


They are far from perfect to my eyes. They both needed 500 hours of work, so I would like to have spent more time there. During this Crowdfunding campaign, I will also be making a painting and you will be able to follow its evolution on a dedicated blog. A signed numbered print will be sent to each participant in my campaign. It will be accompanied by a text also written during this feverish period where I would observe the progress of my approach with you ... anyway, if the stage is crossed, and it explodes beyond my expectations. I could lose myself long hours with my brushes in order to expose them. However no sale possible. My art will never be sold or trade in the art markets, that’s my philosophy on the subject! Know that I distributed at my feelings pleasure many of my plastic productions. I consider that the art is not done to lock oneself in the salons, but to pass from hand to hand to reach the maximum of people, as does the music since napster ... It must be seen!





The purpose of this application is the sharing of knowledge by the best popularizer in his subject. Facilitate access to everyone's knowledge, and everyone can share their knowledge with ease. I do not say more, the ideas leave quickly in this world with long teeth and I would like the model of this application in the spirit of Wikipedia not in the spirit of ad and profitability! The structuring and operation of this application is well advanced. I still have to work hard with developers to code this really new tool, I promise!



Basically all that will be beyond 10 000 € will allow me to work on all those ideas that have been bothering me for so long. Those who swim in the abstract silence of my reality to survive, as we all do in fact!

But more particularly to an idea that I've been thinking about for 15 years. My obsession of this last fortnight is that: I am looking for a universal and understandable idea by any human being of this world. This idea is to bring each individual to more introspection (only possibility for a clear global evolution). I therefore reduced my reasoning to universal factors that this idea must contain. What is our common point to all? It's childhood! Whoever we have become as an adult, from Hitler to Gandhi, we all were children. What changes the world? Science! Only scientific discoveries have made progress. Moreover, can’t we say about the first monkey that has risen in the savannah that it is also the first human scientific discovery? What changes us individually? Emotion! You will easily admit that strong emotions shape the turns of our stories. What is the best provider of emotions? Art! What do you think? And finally, how does one arrive at wisdom? By philosophy!


So I dug in the silence of my dreams but also on paper, to find an idea to connect "childhood", "science", "art provider of emotions" and "philosophy". And by dint of innovating models, I found something: here it is and I will try to make it simple!


I give to little people, as we all drew in our childhood, societal values. These societal values ​​represent the numbers from 1 to 9. I use these little people with determinism factors. These deterministic factors represent the mathematical functions (+ - / * = ....) And with all my little drawings, I put calculations and other equations! You didn’t get anything... The small picture can help you...



Otherwise it will be necessary to be patient, because it will ask me a lot of time to get this mathematical artistic working so that everyone can seize it. I have a lot of chalk stick to use on a blackboard to achieve it, and finally maybe give birth to a small board game easy to broadcast or recopy. I would probably also need human resources in high-end mathematics. But to get there, it's that the whole "Internet" has looked at my case... By then...




I can only wish you the simple happiness of existence, don’t wait for more, it is madly (crazy) enough.

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A very very big thanks! Plus a dedicated copy of "The sperm pump". Plus a printed and dedicated copy of the painting realized during the fund-raising. Plus a printed and dedicated copy of the text writed during the fund-raising. Plus one of the accessories used during the shooting, here is the moon, which will be personalised and dedicated. All in your post box!
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