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Support the "European tour" of the 1st world census of all wine producing countries and help us to discover new terroirs!

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WINE Explorers' Truck

Come on board, the WINE Explorers Truck is waiting for you!


After a year and a half of travels, the WINE Explorers’ project has already (un)covered more than twenty wine-producing countries from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Oceania.

And because wine is primarily a story of encounters and sharing, it is with your support that we wish to continue the adventure.

This spring 2015, WE NEED YOU to finance the WINE Explorers Truck, the ultimate and indispensable working tool to browse the 41 countries included in our Europe & Mediterranean tour, to travel freely and meet with the fascinating people who are behind the wine.


" And what if the great wine terroirs had not all been discovered yet??... "


To travel the whole planet of wine to discover new terroirs, bring to light emerging countries, meet atypical winegrowers and taste out of the ordinary wines. This is the ambition of WINE Explorers, a unique project to take an inventory of all the wine producing countries of the world.

A titanic project : 3 years of travels, 92 countries explored, 250 winegrowing regions targeted, 1 500 vineyards surveyed, over 15 000 wines tasted. 


Because this is what the world of wine should look like : 




Then together, let’s have a new and kind look on the beauty of our planet... As here in Zimbabwe, at Bushman Rock Estate, the only vineyard in the country : a beautiful 12-hectare domain nestled in a natural park of 600 hectares where giraffe, eland, kudu, wildebeest, zebras and impalas live in perfect harmony.





The WINE Explorers’ Truck, your invitation to travel!


A conveyance that will also allow us to take other explorers on board to discover vineyards in destinations all more incredible than each others... so why not you ??

From France to Greece, via Sweden, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine, Austria, Spain, Poland, Italy and the others... come aboard the WINE Explorers’ Truck with us for unpublished wine adventures!




5 key steps for the “Europe & Mediterranean tour“ :


Europe # 1 - April to August 2015

(England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Belarus , Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg)

MediterraneanSeptember to November 2015

(Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy)

Europe # 2 - April to July 2016

(Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia)

Europe # 3 - August to December 2016

(Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro , Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia)

Final ! - July 2017





Why such a project?


To broaden the scope of information concerning the wine world’s heritage and make it accessible, this is the objective of this project. Still today 80% of the wine producing countries remain unknown to the general public. The planet WINE is still to be explored and this is exactly the challenge we want to rise up to and share with you.




Where to find our discoveries?


At the moment we edit articles on our BLOG for each country explored, in both English and French. We are published in France by Le Figaro Vin and abroad by The Drinks Business.

We also publish a tri-annual newsletter that you can subscribe here.


Every week, our Facebook and Twitter pages are animated with pictures of our latest wine explorations. And the website, translated into 6 languages, provides additional information on the project.


And after the WINE Explorers’ project?


At the end of the 3 years of exploration (expected around July 2017), we will publish a few wine books, including our first book : "Travel Notes of the WINE Explores", a living testimony of this epic wine adventure around the world.

A documentary project will also be created, thanks to the talent of Ludo, our favorite cameraman and photographer.

We will also begin the creation of a global library of wine, which we hope will be as exhaustive as exotic!




The team



is the founder of the project. Writer & wine-trotter, he is one of the two lucky guys from the team, travelling the world of wine for 3 years!





is the winemaker of the group. Agricultural engineer and winemaker in the Corbières, she leads the WINE Explorers’ tastings in France.



is the photographer and cameraman of the project. The other lucky full time globetrotter and the "Mr picture " of the expedition. He leads the documentary project.



is in charge of the WINE Explorers’ event plannification and communication. She manages the group's various projects from Bordeaux.



coordinates the logistics, the transportation and the delivery in France of the samples coming from wine producing countries all over the world, with his position of Resp. Food & Beverages - West Europe at DB Schenker.



is the official Mascot and Ambassador of the Wine Explorers’ adventure around the world. YOU of course!

because WINE Explorers is above all a global and human adventure.

An explorer sleeps inside each of us. So let’s continue together to discover new terroirs and enrich the information on wine in the world. "Through sharing, everything is possible".

Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding will allow us to:

- travel freely on the wine roads of Europe and the Mediterranean, aboard our fully equipped vehicle, working more efficiently ;

- comfortably welcome and accommodate you for a dream weekend, to discover fabulous wine places and people with us ;

- enlarge the community of explorers by sharing the project with a wider audience, thanks to you, your friends and the word of mouth.


With 25K€

A HUGE THANK YOU ! Thanks to your generosity and your support we can finance the vehicle and equip it fully.




If we exceed the target, other major investments will be done:


From 25K€ to 30K€

We will be able to feel the tank of the WINE Explorers' Truck and pay the petrol of the few thousand kilometers ahead on our route.


From 30K€ to 35K€

We can invest in equipment for both the photos and the documentary as one of our Canon 5D camera is getting tired (and we still lack of equipment).


BUDGET - Priority Purchases:


Purchase of a vehicle in very good condition (low mileage), spacious and comfortable enough to accommodate other explorers on board : 22,000€

Equiped the vehicle in a working HQ : 3,000€


BUDGET - Additional purchases if exceeding the target :


Ferry fees (UK, Cyprus, Malta) : 500€

Gasoline and parking fees for the 41 countries : 4,500€

Purchase of equipment (photo/documentary), like a new Canon 5D : 5,000€


Not to mention,

the KissKissBankBank comission fees, equal to 8% of total = 2,000€ (25K€ base)




*For the counterparty "A unique and rare bottle of wine to choose from our collection", here is the list of participating countries. Africa: South Africa, Egypt, Namibia. Asia: China, Japan, Taiwan. Oceania: Australia, Indonesia (Bali), New Zealand. Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay, USA. Europe/Mediterranean: Algeria, Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia.


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