Help us open the first real Calisthenics gym in Belgium, an innovative concept, different from what you have previously been accustomed to.

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Hello everyone!


     We are proud to present to you a project we have long been working on: The WOLF’S BAR ACADEMY!


     We are Wolf’s Bar. We are aged between 17 and 27 years old and are citizens of the capital of Europe; Brussels. The six of us happened to share a passion for Calisthenics!

     Calisthenics refers to training and exercising using essentially your bodyweight. It mixes strength training and acrobatic gymnastics! No weights nor machines are required.

     The group got together for the first time on Sept 21, 2014 (link to video here). We immediately realized that we shared common values and goals, that we had similar life perspectives.

     We decided then and there to continue the adventure together and grow together as a group as we focus on promoting and developing sport and fitness in Brussels. Our commitment and desire to promote physical exercise among the youth, keeping them active and off the streets caught the attention of many ministers, aldermen and Mayors of the city of Brussels. Today, they support and value our efforts in our social engagements which also includes the 7 street parks that were conceptualized and put in place by Wolf’s Bar with the funding of the city of Brussels.


     As proponents of this new discipline in Belgium, we have been contacted by most of Belgium’s major media outlets (RTBF, RTL-TVIEEN, Le Soir, La DH, Métro, Fun RadioHet Nieuwsblad, Het Laatste Nieuws, BRUZZ, etc.). 


     We also had the chance to take part in various well known TV shows such as:

Belgium's Got Talent 2016France's Got Talent 2017Café Corsari 2015De quoi je me mêle 2017.


     In addition, we participated in many international competitions, one of which took place in Paris and where we proudly sealed first place for “Best Show” and “Best Team”.



     Currently, Wolf’s Bar focuses on two main areas: performing shows around the word (BMWHelsinki) and providing group workout sessions (Personal Trainings)

     Our dream for the past 4 years has been to officially open the first real Calisthenics gym in Belgium, an innovative and creative concept where a sense of camaraderie and solidarity is shared among members. A place where a sense of belonging to a sport community is felt and where all social classes are mixed.


      ► The gym will offer 2 main services:


●  Group training sessions focused on HIT cardio/strength (weight loss or muscle gain) but also sessions focused on physical and mental performance (achieving Calisthenics exercises and excelling oneself)



●  A free space area for the “Freestyle part of our discipline (acrobatic gymnastics)


      ► The gym will also include secondary services such as:


●  Courses for children

●  Collaborations with companies for Team-building events

● Collaborations with schools for sports day events or/and weekly calisthenics classes

●  Renting out the space for other personal trainers

●  …


     We have been doing everything in our power to get to this point and today, we are asking for your help.


     Contribution in financing this project means showing how much the entrepreneurial spirit is growing within the community; it means encouraging 6 ambitious youngsters to achieve a dream that bloomed and grew through 4 years of working-out in the streets and parks of Brussels.


     It also means receiving exclusive counterparts as a thank you for your contribution, mentioned here on the right.


                              THANK YOU in advance to everyone

Allocation of funds

Donation will be used as follow:


- Equipment for the group workout area: 10 290€


- Equipment for the free space area: 950€


- Street workout cage and structure for the free space area: 6 700€


- KissKissBankBank commission (8%): 1 560€


TOTAL: 19 500€


     We will also be financing a big part of the project including the complete furnishing of the offices, bar/lounge, locker rooms H/F and service desk for a total of 16 800 €.

     An investor and a bank credit will finance the rest of the project.




      In the event of donations surpassing the fixed objective, thanks to you that is, the excess will be used to finance and support our marketing communication.


                              THANK YOU in advance to everyone

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