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This design is inspired by nature. It's so glamour that you will adopt it. This is the WOM lamp Support our project. Pre-sales at reduced prices.

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wom lampe

WOM (Traduction: Worm and home = This could be translated as: Indoor earthworms)

WoM lamp is an hybrid lamp, it is the story of a mix between Europe and Africa. The wish of ally light and movement. All this inspired by an omnipresent element in my work, the earth.

Today i'm working on a new serie.


Who are you little WoM?

The creation of the Wom began three years ago following a work on the theme of earth and light. Being sensitive to the design and the organic architecture my researches are naturally directed towards rounded and contemporary shapes, while moving.

WoM is the pet of Wood Nymphs and your new "pet bug". Wom was designed to blend in with our space and evolve our perception of the everyday object. WoM is an indoor mood light. Its shades are cutomisable. You can change it to the sandstone of your desires. The lamp is made in France, hand-made.



The body is made from recycled aluminum which invites movement. It is a solid and timeless body




Energy saving is a bias in the creation of this lamp.

Max power (W): 12W

Bulb provided: Yes

Recommended bulb shape: Integrated LED / Base

Lighting: Warm light

Switch: push


The lampshade inspired by African / Oceanian masks, represents the "face" of the lamp. With various graphisms and materials you can give a different personality to the mask. The hanging system of lampshades has been optimized, we get a less direct and very pleasant lighting.

Materials: PET (recycled plastics). Available in transparent and opaque.


The WoMWorld event : Artistic show:

In collaboration with artists we are creating an event for the launch of the new collection.

An exhibition / staging, around which the idea of movement will be represented.

WoMWorld is an event that brings together creators to sublimate the object. Intervention of Adrien Cissé, designer. Tanguy "aka" iamok, graffiti artist and Nadia Khemissi high fashion embroiderer. The world of the Wom lamp will soon be unveiled.




Finance this project. Thank you kisskissbankeurs.








Allocation of funds

So far, we have invested more than 1500 €. This sum was used to build the first prototypes. Mainly to pay our raw material, as well as the different stages of manufacture of the lamp.

This campaign will allow us to raise funds to increase our investment in the future of this project. Especially in the integration of a small team, to allow us to better understand the challenge of a commercial success. Manage the logistics of orders.

Namboua Sossou (the artist) will receive the entire collection, paid into an account dedicated to the project.

A pre-sale of at least seventeen WoM lamps would allow us to achieve our goals.

If collection is exceeded we will be able to produce another collection of WoM. And the quality of the exhibition "WomWorld" will be even more "crazy".







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