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Xcuse My French exports the French Touch and the European diversity through fashion designers in the US textile market ...

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Xcuse My French Distribution

Xcuse My French is a project of distribution of European clothing brands in the United States.   Represent different European fashion designers and create a distribution network in the US, is the essence of my project. Born from a love of Streetwear, fashion and urban movements, the idea is to give expression to the culture we live in. Reflect our "French Touch" and the European diversity that surrounds us ...  



My first challenge is therefore to prospect to find US retailers... Generate sales in order to actually implement my products on the market .. So I am acting as an official representative of these brands.






I invested heavily in this phase, both personally and financially, as it is the key to our success. Yes, "our success" .... For designers, resellers, and me...because Xcuse My French is primarily a trade story ...   So I use all my business assets to offer the best visibility to the designers on the international market. Canvass door-to-door with a demonstrator collection, participate in fashion shows, exhibit my products and develop contacts to create sales opportunities.




Xcuse My French is born  less than a year. Two prospecting trips were made in 2013 and 2014 but  I launched my business in Atlanta (GA, USA) in March and April 2015 , supported by Brussels Invest & Export. Participate in AmericasMart fashion fair and  the prospecting conducted allowed me to already work with two stores in Downtown Atlanta. The Stadium store and  Threadz ATL  store. It is then  conclusive for the next steps ...




Ready-to-wear lines are an expression of modern times, sometimes streetwear and urban, sometimes customized by hand with African fabrics.

They are harmonized in the American trend by providing an extra touch, their origins.  


Being alone in the realization of this project, my "French Kiss kiss" would therefore be a support to the exchange and to difference.


Benefit would help me to promote more talents and would allow me to better ways for my next exploration ...

Develop my name and image is also important, then I hope to share my "French kiss Kiss" with a maximum of bankers !!  


Followers of "French Kiss" American dream, your support will be magical as kisses!



Allocation of funds

Grow internationally is laborious and indeed costly.

This help will reduce the costs that already arise from my prospecting trips and participation in fashion fairs.


The help will nevertheless serve to achieve specific objectives already established.

My next survey will take place in September 29 to November 26, 2015 in Florida (Miami, Jacksonville, and Orlando), Alabama (Dothan and Montgomery), Georgia (Atlanta) and Minnesota (Mineapolis St. Paul). So I already prepared to the best this new stages varied in order to extend the maximum exploration and profitable as possible the next trip.


It will be used for investments that allow me to be more professional in the field.   € -250: Contribution to the creation of our catalog by fashion professionals, photographers and models.   € -250: print catalog and update http://xmfdistribution.wix.com/xmfdistribution website.   € -250: purchase of demonstration accessories (Professional rods, clothes covers, clothes hangers, garment printing labels.   € -250: Contribution to rent a car on site essential for prospecting.   € -80: 8% returning to the site Kiss Kiss Bank Bank   Total: € 1,080       However, if this objective were to be exceeded, this surplus will be invested in renting a booth in one of the lounges of the most renowned fashion in our sector,Agenda, which I plan to participate in Las Vegas in February 2016.


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