YENGA | Vinyl production | Parasites EP

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YENGA | Vinyl production | Parasites EP

Hi there,

Welcome to our crowdfunding project!

With this project you can help us releasing our 2nd EP „Parasites“ on vinyl.


YENGA, is a dutch/german band based in Enschede (NL).
We are an art rock/psychedelic band influenced by contemporary Jazz and electronic music.
We love to experiment with instruments like synths or vibraphone.

The last 2 years we played shows in the Netherlands, Germany and in the UK. 
Playing live really helped finding our sound – which we now want to conserve in form of a record.

YENGA are: 
Stella Polaris - vocals | vibraphone
Sietse Iedema - guitar | synths
Moritz Nixdorf - drums
Niko Dolle - bass | synths



"Parasites" is our latest work and consists of 5 tracks:

1. Parasites

2. Make it mine

3. I just want to play

4. Dig me up

5. Turista

Parasites reflects the synthesis of the analogue and digital world.
The record is meant to close the gap between those two worlds we constantly switch between during our daily life. The Vinyl captures this perfectly in itself. It adds a very warm and honest sound to our electronic vibes. The transition of analogue vs. digital is also reflected in the artwork.


Allocation of funds

Next to love and effort, we've already spent quite some money on this project.
We had the opportunity to work with great artists like Sergej Root (producer) and Jack Hardwicke (artwork). They've enriched our team with their talent and vision and together we created something we're very proud of.


With this campaign we want to raise money for the final step of our project:
Vinyl/CD Manufacturing
In total we need an amount of 4000€ to cover the costs. Every donation brings us a step closer to this goal. Of course we don't want to leave you empty handed! - By donating you have the opportunity to preorder our music or even have us play an intimate living-room concert. You can check out our package deals by clicking the donate button.

If we surpass our goal of 4000€, we will invest the money in the production of a music-video for one of our upcoming songs.

The money goes to a privat bankaccount and will be solely invested in the production of the EP. It will be spend end of June 2018.
All backers get their goodies in the end of june/ begin of july 2018. 

Thank you for your support!


Stella, Sietse, Niko & Moritz

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