Yes We Cantine Solaire !

Installation of 6 DualSun hybrid solar panels to provide electricity & hot water for the kitchen of YesWeCamp, a creative camping festival!

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Yes We Cantine Solaire !

<p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Marseille is the <a href="" target="_blank">2013 European Capital of Culture</a>, "MP2013", and we would like to be part of this celebration with <strong>Yes We Cantine Solaire</strong>!</p> <p>  </p> <p> The Yes We Cantine Solaire project consists of installing <strong>6 DualSun hybrid solar panels</strong> on the rooftop of YesWeCamp's kitchen (a recycled shipping container), to provide electricity and hot water necessary for preparing meals at the camp festival.  This funding campaign will fund a part of this installation (the rest will be financed by us!). </p> <p>  </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">Yes We Camp</a> is an <strong>artistic, eco-friend and DIY camping festival</strong> which will take place from May to September 2013, in the Marseille area in the spirit of MP2013.  YesWeCamp also used Kiss Kiss Bank Bank to help <a href="" target="_blank">finance the project.</a></p> <p>  </p> <p> <a href="" target="_blank">DualSun</a> is a <strong>young, dynamic startup</strong> based in Marseille, that has developed the DualSun panel, an <strong>innovative hybrid solar panel</strong>, which produces simultaneously electricity and hot water with one panel, generating up to <strong>80% more energy than a traditional solar panel</strong>.  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Dualsun_equipe_05modifie_logo" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> The DualSun panel is being commercialized this year in 2013, and Yes We Cantine Solaire is a way to <strong>gain visibility and promote our revolutionary technology</strong>, designed for all types of housing, including campsites and other off-grid applications.  </p> <p>  </p> <p> Once the Yes We Cantine Solaire installation is finished, we invite you to the <strong>B(art)becue Solaire</strong>, our inaugural bbq event, a meal organized by the DualSun team and cooked in the Yes We Cantine Solaire!</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Dualsun_-_installation_pilote_ecm_kkbb" src=""></p> <p> <em>One of DualSun's pilot projects at Ecole Centrale Marseille.  <a href="" target="_blank">Follow production in real-time!</a> </em></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>DualSun at a glance... </strong></p> <p> Laetitia Brottier and Jerome Mouterde couldn't be more different - but in 2008 these two young classmates at Ecole Centrale Paris came together to like ying and yang to produce a new revolutionary idea for harnessing the sun's energy: "hybrid solar". </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>The creation of the Solaire 2G company</strong></p> <p> Driven by a passion for the environment and innovation, Jerome and Laetitia created Solaire 2G, in order to bring the DualSun panel from the laboratory to the market.  The DualSun panel is a revolutionary solar panel that produces hot water and electricity with the same panel, to maximize panel efficiency.  The principle is simple: photovoltaic panels convert only 15-20% of the sun's energy into electricity - the rest is wasted as heat.  The DualSun panel recovers this wasted energy to produce hot water.  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Dualsun_front_back" src=""></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>A young and dynamic team</strong></p> <p> Today, the DualSun project has grown to form a young, talented, and international team, who are passionate about solar energy and strive to offer a solution that will transform our households into energy positive, beautiful and personal homes.  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <strong>Are you ready to help us make the Yes We Camp kitchen energy self sufficient, and promote our new technology?</strong></p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> <img alt="Tees_alki_gaelle_chocolat" src=""></p> <p> <i>                  "Ceci n'est pas une tablette de chocolate", our signature tee-shirt. </i></p> <p>  </p>

Allocation of funds

<p> The funding campaign will help finance a part of the Yes We Cantine Solaire project (the rest will be financed by us!).  The Yes We Cantine Solaire project consists of installing 6 DualSun hybrid solar panels on the rooftop of YesWeCamp's kitchen, to provide electricity and hot water necessary for preparing meals at the camp festival.  The installation will allow Yes We Camp kitchen to be energy self-sufficient for the duration of the festival.  In parallel, this project will help DualSun gain visibility and promote its revolutionary hybrid solar technology.</p> <p>  </p>



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