You can delete any comment that you create

Help us to realize an art exhibition by curator Karima Boudou with work of artists Seth Price, Judith Deschamps, Soufiane Ababri & Agency!

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You can delete any comment that you create

Presented at In Between in Brussels, the exhibition 'You can delete any comment that you create' brings together 4 artists who disrupt expected images and words.The exhibition is thought to coincide with the present time, presenting a critical arc that exists and that was possibly overlooked during the last decade and which has emerged in recent years as a dominant approach. This approach revolves around the processes of distribution of the information through technology, the questions raised by copyright laws in regard to creative industries and the repeated processes of the loss of the original through socio­political, economical and artistic processes. The exhibition focuses on artists who opt for close views, small actions or gestures that occur in relation to these phenomenons. These contemporary tendencies are prefigured in the work of Soufiane Ababri, Agency, Judith Deschamps and Seth Price.


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Your gift will help us to organise this exhibition & refund the artists for the costs they made in developing new work for this exhibition.



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