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Zap Zimzoum

Since several months, the collective Zel Art Project offers plateform around a specific theme where artists, designers , musicians, composers , dancers try to find creative solutions!


For this project self-produced around Easter week , our friends ZAP will perform a cantata - Zimzoum - by Leo Collin, a farewell song - Pranam II by Giacinto Scelsi , and two lamentations by Henry Purcell arranged by Leo Collin.  


Concerts Will Be @ Geneva :  

11 April at 8 PM at Place neuve, the High School of Music.

15 April at 12:30 AM at the Espace St-Fusterie.  


Concert Will Be Recorded and filmed.


Give for this project, it's to support contemporary creation, which answers us about our own habits; it's also support curiosity and poetry and it's supporting Life that constantly renews itself, space of conscious and not consumption ...


Link to listen the music :





See the video of their last residence @ geneva, november 2013

Allocation of funds

To defray our musicians:   


Laura Cartier (Soprano) 

Joao Mereiles, Ana morena moreno (flutes) 

Irenée Krunemacker (Viola) 

Marie Barbier, Julia Tallon (Recorder) 

Adrien Branger (Trombone) 

Rosie Moon (DoubleBass) 

Zoe Jalabert (Viola da gamba, Cello) 

Pauline Vuillerme (Violin) 

Mattia del Magro (Horn) 

Jeremie Oberdorf (Bass Clarinet)     


To pay video production to present it to future festivals / competitions.     To pay posters, flyers, cds and dvds    To pay designers who have worked for us us.



To support  ZAP and its next creative events! yeah!   

who we are

Collective ZAP 

Nestor Bayona, Leo and Collin Isandro García-Ojeda 

Aid office: Marie Mercier, Jeanne Larrouturou, Esther Lefebvre, João Mereiles.   


Thank you for your help! 

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We write your name on the concert's note and we give a flyer edition limited!


    previous gift + give you a beautiful poster!
    • 1 backer
    • Availability: 59/60


    Previous gifts+ you can drink gratis with us after concert!
    • 3 backers
    • Availability: 97/100
    • Estimated delivery April 2014


    previous gift + you have the recording of the concert in a CD!
    • 3 backers
    • Availability: 27/30


    previous gifts + DVD of the concert!
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    • Availability: 19/20


    Previous gifts + You have a tee-shirt design by our design Jordi pifarré!
    • 5 backers
    • Availability: 25/30
    • Estimated delivery July 2014


    Previous gifts + you have a tee-shirt N°2 design by our designer Jodi Piffaré!
    • 1 backer
    • Availability: 59/60
    • Estimated delivery October 2014


    Previous gifts + we write your name in the concert's flyer as a private sponsor
    • 3 backers


    Previous gifts! + you can to be member and commit your ideas in our association as a private sponsor


      Previous gifts + vous have the opportunity to have a private concert of our talented pianist Nestor Bayona. Subject to conditions.
      • Availability: 3/3
      • Estimated delivery September 2014


      Previous gifts ( except private concert) + vous have the opportunity to have a private concert of our talented musicians Nestor Bayona ( piano) and Laura Cartier (voice) . Subject to conditions.
      • Availability: 4/4


      Previous gifts + vous have the opportunity to have a private concert of our collective adapted to your environnement. Subject to conditions.
      • Availability: 3/3
      • Estimated delivery October 2014

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