Zones Infestées Moustiques

Help fight against mosquitoes and diseases they transmit to humans

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Zones Infestées Moustiques

ZIM is accessible with any smartphone as a webapp. Its purpose is counting mosquito shots and assessing the risk of bites at the location where you are. When you run it, you can mention your experience if you have been bitten, by pressing the button. The date and location are recorded. On the application, you can monitor the frequency and the probability of being bitten at your location. The application aims at locating the danger zones, but also establishing correlations for research purposes (places, weather, personal profiles). Mosquito monitoring is a major public health issue, particularly in the areas where they are disease vectors. The application should remain free for everyone.









A prototype is available 




Think about enabling location on your device. You can also scan this tag






Allocation of funds

A prototype has been coded. The funds will be used to improve the information system, prepare the first research programs, and hire representatives in various countries.


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