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Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar, Paris and his readers

Photo-reportage, Journalisme, Art & photo

Visuel du projet Unexpected Photo Essay on Cortázar, Paris and his readers
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014
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An unexpected work for a narrator of unexpected stories. For Argentine writer Julio Cortázar to celebrate the 100th anniversary of his birth

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1890 jours

Viva el arte, vivan las ideas, los proyectos y el empuje constante de los artistas! :)

1890 jours

Le message a été supprimé.

1900 jours

Bravo pour ces magnifiques photos Hugo. Hâte de voir les autres à ton prochain vernissage :)

1948 jours

Congratulations on such wonderful work, Hugo! You are truly talented and these photographs and the theme behind them are evidence of that. Felicidades, de verdad.

1949 jours

Go Hugo, go! And never stop sharing your passion with others.

1957 jours

Bon courage pour la collecte et on se voit le 16.

1968 jours

Hope the project reaches its goal! Will do my best on this side of the world to get some support for the project. Brilliant work.

1969 jours

So excited to support the excellent work done by people I care for.

1969 jours

Bon courage pour la collecte Hugo ;-)

1970 jours

Beautiful project Hugo! well done.

  • Colin.