Responsible immersive learning : Support our STOP-COVID-19 approach!

Help us fund our STOP-COVID-19 approach!

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Responsible immersive learning : Support our STOP-COVID-19 approach!

Who are we?

Playful Culture is a start-up that designs and commercializes edutainment workshops featuring physical and digital assets on History themes for children.

Our vision

Playful Culture advocates learning that stimulates the five senses in an active way. Each of the senses involved - visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory - are channels for acquisition. Our game workshops are part of the learning approach that invites to link sensory understanding to cognitive abstraction.

Through the prism of games, manual activities and digital technologies, students dive playfully into the different periods of history.

Why help us?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adapted our offers. We provide a service where the class does not need to travel because we can mediate directly in the schools. This service is provided when sanitary context authorizes schools to welcome exterior mediators.

In order to ensure the best conditions for our workshops, help us finance the sanitary protocol training offered by France Immersive Learning. The organization is a non-profit association that federates and supports training firms and agencies using immersive technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and 360° videos. France Immersive learning vision is to structure a sector of excellency.

With your help, Playful Culture will be able to design and provide responsible workshops.

From the design phase of the workshops, the preliminary elements shared by the association led us to choose the technology of augmented reality, rather than virtual reality because it is much easier to clean a tablet screen than a virtual reality headset. Regarding physical games, we have chosen to laminate all possible elements in order to facilitate an efficient disinfection.

In the commercialization phase, thanks to this certification, our mediators acquire the knowledge and the best practices ensuring that our workshops are carried out in compliance with sanitary instructions and barrier gestures. We have acquired a first UVC disinfection device. We would need a second device in order to be able to disinfect all the material in a limited time.

Young children from second grade to fifth grade will be able to have the joy of having access to a complementary, sensorial and engaging educational activity, with maximum sanitary serenity!

About the Hygiene training

For more information about the hygiene training, please refer to the brochure published by France Immersive Learning.

Our team

Lily-Ann Perrin created Playful Culture. The idea for the concept emerged during the 2020 lockdown, when Lily-Ann was homeschooling her 9 and 11-year-old children, in parallel of her reconversion in Art & Culture Master of Business Administration. She is experimenting new channels of audience development with outside the walls cultural mediation and the creation of meaningful immersive and playful offers.

Achille Coulon is a student in Master I of Cultural Engineering at ICART. Passionate about mediation and cultural transmission, Achille seeks, thanks to Playful Culture, to develop his skills in workshop design and animation.

Waar dient de collecte voor

NEW GOAL ! 1714€ (150%)

All contributions over the objective of this campaign will serve to cover :

  • intellectual property expenses : trademark and copyright protection
  • promotion expenses of the workshop Antique Greece

 these expenses amount 571€ VAT included *


GOAL REACHED ! 1143€ (100%)

You contribute to :

  • The payment of the Sanitary training. We benefit of a 60-day payment delay, so Playful Culture needs you to be able to pay early May 2021.
  • The membership fee to the non-profit association France Immersive Learning.
  • The purchase of a foldable UV-C sterilization equipment.
  • Finally, the management costs of the fundraising have been taken in account.

The total sum amounts 1,143€ VAT included *.

For those out of Europe for whom contributions do not work out with the platforms system MANGOPAY, we apologize for the inconvenience and invite you to send us your contribution via PAYPAL to

* Playful Culture benefits of tax exoneration on the revenues. In counterpart, we must pay tax on service and investment purchases.

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