2200 milliards d’euros pour UNIR L’EUROPE

2.200 milliard euros to UNITE EUROPE

Project visual 2200 milliards d’euros pour UNIR L’EUROPE
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2200 milliards d’euros pour UNIR L’EUROPE

2.200 milliard euros to UNITE EUROPE


I invented LOOPAC, a patented packaging system, that will make it possible to raise 2.200 milliard euros in 12 years.

2.200 milliard euros to MUTUALIZE the restitution of losses suffered by all the member states of the European Union due to the current health crisis.

Each member state will receive financial aid, each state according to its need, with the states most seriously affected - most notably in the south – receiving help commensurate with the tragedy that has afflicted them.

What is the principle of LOOPAC?


All consumer products will be marketed in packaging that will also serve as their disposable casing when ready for the trash.

Each "trash package" will be disposed of in a single garbage bag. LOOPAC applies to all consumables, whether for individuals or manufacturers.

Each package is provided with a QR code to facilitate efficient sorting downstream in waste collection centers. Everything that can be recycled will be recycled.

If the European Union accepts the concept, to “jointly repair” the financial damage done to member states as a consequence of the unprecedented health crisis, a small fee will be applied to each packaging unit, and in particular, distributors and all e-Commerce entities will be obligated to sell the products in this packaging.

Two major objectives:

  • Less pollution through fully promoting the circular economy and recycling everything that can be recycled.
  • To put all the EU member states back on their feet financially in a strongly cohesive action that will unite the member states. All the funds raised will be invested in a greener Europe, both in terms of energy use and an industrial refurbishing that will promote a strong circular economy.

How the average daily fee on all packaging will function:

  • 1 euro per European and per day will bring in 2200 milliard euros in 12 years.

My calculation is based on a rounded basis of 500 million Europeans, or 446 million people, with the addition of Europe’s industries. The fees collected on industrial products packed in my patented packaging will supplement the amounts collected from consumer purchases, and even increase them significantly.

Which entities will contribute to the average of 1 euro per European per day?

5 additional entities will contribute to the fees on each package.

  • The product producer
  • The product distributor, in particular, the large global e-commerce operators who sell in the European Union
  • The product consumer
  • The company that collects the used products for recycling
  • An advertising space on each package. We will offer this space to major banks, credit cards, online payment systems, and major global IT and Internet operators, and the monies raised will help the economy to recover.

For example: “Packaging for the green deal supported by VISA” “Packaging for the green deal supported by MICROSOFT”, by FACEBOOK, by APPLE, by TWITTER, by MASTERCARD, by THE BANK…

Allocation of funds

Creation of a website in 20 languages

We are counting on you to help us raise the necessary funds to set up a website available in 20 languages ​​and to present a complete dossier accompanied by prototypes to the authorities of the European Union.

So that we may all succeed together, please briefly share your thoughts with us and give us your generous financial support. 

Thank you.

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