4L trophy - aide pour les jeunes Marocains défavorisés

Participate at the 4L Trophy a humanitarian raid at the heart of Marocco.

Project visual 4L trophy - aide pour les jeunes Marocains défavorisés
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4L trophy - aide pour les jeunes Marocains défavorisés

We are two young students wishing to participate in the 4L Trophy and we suggest you participating in it with us thanks to your gifts who we shall allow to participate in it and to help the needy Moroccan families.


The 4L Trophy ? It is the biggest sports and humanitarian event made exclusively by students of Europe! The objective for the participants and for the organization is to distribute school and sports stationeries to the children deprived of Morocco while going to it in Renault 4L.




Our project ? is to participate to a humanitarian raid at the heart of Morocco to come in assistance to people deprived. To this end we leave France with a minimum of 50 kilos of school stationery, games, cloths, sporting material. A little all that we think of who could please families which are needy


Besides bringing business to these families, the participation in this raid allows the creation of classroom for the children, toilets, well in villages, thanks to the registration of every participants which rises has 3500€ by car. That is why we ask for your help to finance our project and help us to return as far as possible the more peaceful life and of better qualities to the persons who are in needs. Thank you in advance to all!!


This project begins on February 13th, 2014 from Bayonne in the direction of Marrakesh. This travel is a long trip, it begins with hours of highway to the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain where ferries waits for us to make crossed to Morocco. Once in Morocco it is whom the Raid really begins. Before reuniting Marrakesh we are going to cross the Moroccan desert to return us in various villages to redistribute the 50 kilos of supplies which we shall transport since our departure in France.





And here is our car which is at the end of preparation to resist the Moroccan desert ! Rest more than has to stick the stickers of the various sponsors already present with us for this raid and to give it a soul with a customisation of the car !



Allocation of funds

Why to help us ?? To allow the persons living in the full heart of Morocco to have a healthier life thanks to the toilets which will be installed in our passage, and to allow the childrens to have games, but especially an education because this humanitarian raid is paying to be able to finance the opening of classroom !

Your help will allow us to participate at this momentum of solidarity because thanks to your gifts we can finish to finance our registration which rises has 3500€.

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