Aidez la Compagnie Animotion à remonter la pente !

Help us keep our employee and find a new roof. About to be kicked out of the town that has been our home for 6 years : we need your help!

Project visual Aidez la Compagnie Animotion à remonter la pente !
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Aidez la Compagnie Animotion à remonter la pente !



Ten years since the start of the company.  

7 creations.

About 8 large-scale educational projects per year.

Compagnie Animotion's public funding has just been cut by half.

In July, due to our local government changing to a right-wing, arts and culture has become unimportant; our presence in the town is not wanted and we'll have to leave the building we've been in for the last 6 years.

After 9 years we were able to create our very first job placement, which happened last September. Now we're afraid we won't be able to finance it anymore. 

We need your help to get back on our feet!





Who we are :


Compagnie Animotion is a visual and physical theatre company making multidisciplinary creations without spoken language.

In 2015 we are officially 10 years old. I know, I know we don't look it, but I think our director has a few grey hairs and has had one or two sleepless nights since it's conception in 2005. 




What have we done over 10 years?




The War of The Buttons  (Supported by Arts Council, England), 2007

L'enfant Lune (co-production with Vice & Versa), 2008

Portmanteau  (Supported by Le Fenouillet), 2010

Diaspora  (Supported by Défis Jeunes, The Hawth, UK and the town of Livron), 2011

Silver Moon  (Supported by the town of Livron, Arts Council England, Horse and Bamboo, and Le Fenouillet), 2013

JoJo & Billie's Tour de France  (Supported by the town of Livron, Salle Le Bournot), 2014

Je m'appuie sur toi  (Supported by Arts Council, England, The town of Livron, The Department of the Drome, Jacksons Lane, London, La Gare a Coulisses, Eurre), 2015





Where have we been on tour? : 


The UK






Research projects 


Research with Sheffield University and Doncaster Deaf college in manipulating acoustics for theatre spaces for Deaf audiences

In 2013 we set up an artistic laboratory for young, emerging and established artists 




Sign Language in 10 primary schools in Leeds (supported by The Local Network Trust)

Workshops for young Deaf people (supported by Awards for All)

IME Val Brian, Grane 

IME Soubeyran, Guilherand-Granges

Foyer Pour Tous, Upie

College Anne Cartier, Livron

College Saint Anne, Valence

College Revez-Long, Crest 

Schools in Le Pouzin and La Voulte sur Rhone (Theatre and sign language)

SESSAD, Polygone

Centre du Patrimoine Arménien, Valence

CADA, Valence

MPT Petit Charran, Valence

CPNG, Chateauvert

Workshops in Theatre, Theatre in English and physical theatre at our studios 

Workshops in Sign Language at our studios (with The lovely Mathilde from Signons!)

Our workshops are inclusive, positive and bring people together.




Since 2009 we've been in residence with the town of Livron, and we've run workshops as well as performances, a mini-festival on physical theatre with International artists and generally created an artistic dynamic in the town. 


Over the last 10 years we have worked with : technicians, circassians, dancers, musicians, actors, film-makers,  video artists, costume and set designers. 


In the last year we have created our VERY FIRST job placement on a government aided contract. 

This allows us to support a young person who lives in a rural area to obtain a contract and start-out in the professional world of the arts. 


This young person is the beautiful and wonderful Lucile who works for us for 24 hours a week.

She has updated all our databases, created beautiful visual dossiers for all the shows, and even made teasers for two of our shows. 

Her job is to sell the shows and create interest in our work, which keeps our artists in work, and keeps the company rolling. 

She is wonderful, and we don't want to lose her.

However, this year has not brought in enough profits in order for us to do that. 


We need your help. 





Allocation of funds

Our idea is to use this crowd funding to invest in Lucile's post for another year, and then from 2016 we will be eligible to apply for more funding from the town where we will be based as well as the Department for regular funding.


We will then compliment this regular funding with profits from the sale of shows to be able to offer this young lady a full time, longer contract.  


This will help to stabilise our company at a time where culture is in a difficult economic climate and ensure our future. We've recently had our funding cut in two which means that this year is the hardest financially with the biggest artistic projects we've ever had. 


The money we are asking for will help us do two things


* Keep Lucile's post for one more year (September 2015-September 2016) on a government-aided contract (cost to us 4800 euros).


* Allow us to hire an office for one year on a low rent in an artist-led building in the town of Aouste.

(100 euros a month).


IF we go over our target, we will put it towards our new creation JE M'APPUIE SUR TOI, details of which you can find here :


What you'll also be doing most importantly is supporting the professional development of Lucile : 


We've already :


*  Found finance for training her in tour booking this year (as well as contracting, creating databases, and the ins and outs of the complicated intermittence system here in France),


* We're also diversifying her skills by training her to do tour managing, and we're taking her on tour with us to Scotland in August 2015. 


* We develop her language skills - we have one day in the office per week in English, helping to be more confident speaking and listening to English. 


We hope that by staying with us she'll be able to continue her professional development in the arts




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