Alignment: Feature Film

Please show your support for film 'Alignment' Royal Family Gamekeeper turned Horse Whisperer, ended up saving tigers in the Indian Jungle…..

Project visual Alignment: Feature Film
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1992 days

We wish you good luck on your journey and sending lots of love to help make this project finish! xxx

Project creator
2002 days
Adam Shereston

Thank you so much to everyone who is supporting this project. Film Alignment will find its way with perfect timing I'm sure…...

2003 days
Diane von der Weid

Wishing you all the best on your new project :)

2009 days

Good luck on achieving your target Adam

Project creator
2010 days
Adam Shereston

Hi Rachel, Thats brilliant, if we all pull together, we'll do a great job with this.X

2010 days

I know you're making a positive impact on the world and so believe in sending you the energy you need right now to make this possible :-) xxx Great idea for raising money!