Artists in the Arctic, an artistic project in an extreme environment

Become a key actor of a poetic and ecology participatory project in Greenland

Project visual Artists in the Arctic, an artistic project in an extreme environment
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Artists in the Arctic, an artistic project in an extreme environment

Destination: The North Pole, on the west coast of Greenland, above the Arctic Circle

The objective is to live in isolation for 1 month in the middle of the ice in Greenland with 1 boat, 1 crew and 4 artists from different backgrounds. Along the journey I will serve as a citizen-reporter of the ice as I narrate the magic of the North with the overall objective of becoming a key actor/environmental activist in this project. Through isolation in extreme conditions, in a confined space, I will focus on creating and documenting our travels as well as exchanges with Greelanders and sharing their everyday life.

Help me to fund this adventure and travel to the end of the world from March 3, 2020 to April 2, 2020.

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The project

As an illustrator and landscape architect, I am convinced that the sense of wonder can inspire people to act for the protection of the environment. It is my dream that this adventure serves as a source of fascination to both young and old, and to use this unique experience to open dialogue between citizens, scientists, artists and inhabitants of the end of the world.

My artistic approach is to use walking as a means of exploration, creation and meeting with the inhabitants of the village of Akunnaaq. I will use fire painting to express in images the magic of this environment, the sensations of freedom, isolation, witnessing the melting of the sea ice and the underlying change of Inuit culture happening.

Every day, I will keep a journey and an adventure diary. I will write observations during my explorations through sketches, text, cartography, and objects.  I will describe the life aboard the boat, the meeting with the inhabitants of the village of Akunnaaq and the polar environment.

Teaching positions in local schools will be offered on a voluntary basis. 

A look at the Artist: Léo jolly​

As a landscape architect and illustrator, I use my expeditions to the other side of the world as an inspiration to create dreamlike worlds that arouse wonder and witness to the beauty of the world and the necessity to protect it.

In Albania, I walked 1000 km through the mountains on the territory of wild animals, I met the eye of a wolf and for a moment , time had stopped. In Bolivia, I crossed the salt desert of Uyuni feeling at each step the effects of extreme altitude on my body. On this journey I shared for 5 months the daily life of Pedro, a member of the Aymara community who has lived all his life in the desert. Between quinoa soups and hard work, I lived with them, to the rhythm of the earth and the seasons. At their side, I discovered the spiritual world, a totally invisible world, that of goddesses, dreams, and legends.

Since 2010, I use such personal experiences to teach drawing and inspire art for free in different locations and countries  (The United States, Thailand, Denmark, India, Australia, France …)

Fire painting and goodies

Depending on the amount of your contribution, I am able to share the following enrichment with contributors 

1) Shared experience

A) An Adventure Newsletter & Video. You will get to know the team members and the artists. You will be the first to discover the progress of the work of the artists of the residence.Due to the very limited internet connections in the village of Akunnaaq, the videos will be sent after the artistic residency at a rate of one video a day. Although I even considered it,  it would be difficult to promise you this exchange in real time (ARCTIC HARE COUNTERPART and POLAR FOX COUNTERPART)

B) Adventure book diary (CARIBOU COUNTERPART)

By flipping through the pages of this notebook, you will dive into the diary of an adventurer and illustrator of the sea ice. Through the various contents (Text, cartography, sketch, preparatory painting, object taken in the environment, borrows ...), you will discover my first impressions of this landscape, you will live my doubts and my fears, but also the moments of euphoria and wonder. You will see the birth of my artistic project with my questions and the first 2 plastic tests (I don’t know what this is refering to). When I return from Greenland, I will scan this newspaper to produce a quality edition.

C) A set of 3 printed postcards (14.8cm X 10.5cm format) (CARIBOU COUNTERPART) Printed on textured paper 250g

D) A fire painting print (21cm X 29,7cm) or a large FINE art print (80cm x 60cm). One choice between 3 creations (Monde 6, Monde 7, Monde 8)

* Size 21cm X 29,7cm, printed on 250g paper (POLAR FOX COUNTERPART)

* Size 80cm x 60cm, printed on Fine Art Paper, Watercolor Arches, 310g. Quality gallery.(PHOQUE COUNTERPART)

2) ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE fire painting

As an appreciated and valued donor you may also receive the following. 

A) A UNIQUE and SIGNED postcard - Abstract Landscape (14.8cm X 10.5cm format) (ARCTIC HARE COUNTERPART)

This is an ORIGINAL AND SIGNED postcard painted with fire + a small symbolic object, sent from Greenland. Imagine this,from your home, you will receive a piece of Greenland.

Example of original illustrated postcards that you can receive

B) A UNIQUE AND SIGNED Blank A6 notebook (14.8cm X 10.5cm format)(POLAR FOX COUNTERPART)

The cover is personalized by a fire painting. This work is signed and a certificate of authenticity will be given to you. Your notebook becomes a piece of art. Imagine such a unique gift for a friend or loved one! Write, draw ... You can use it everywhere, to enchant people around you and yourself.

Example of original illustrated covers that you can receive

C) A UNIQUE fire painting (29.7cm x 21cm) From the '' Monde parallele'' collection (HUMPBACK WHALE COUNTERPART)

Assembly of paper strips painted with fire. A certificate of authenticity will be given to you.

D) A UNIQUE Fire painting (80cm x 60cm) from the '' Monde connecté ''collection (POLAR BEAR COUNTERPART)

UNIQUE Fine Arts Print - Watercolor Arches Paper, 310g. A certificate of authenticity will be given to you.

It is the assembly of two worlds. The first one is a figurative world drawn with pastel: The second one is an abstract world painted with fire. These two worlds represent a different temporality. The pastel drawing is made before the trip, the fire painting after the trip, when I come back. These worlds are then assembled numerically.



Allocation of funds

In a desire for independence, the association Les amis du manguier, which organizes this artistic residency, does not benefit from a subsidy. I must therefore raise the necessary funds to be able to bring this participative project to life.

The funds collected will be used to finance the shipping costs of such a project under extreme conditions.

A) Lodging - 2,800 €

The financial contribution to the life on board the boat and the expenses of residence for the 30 days. This amount includes:

• accommodation on board and bedding 

• heating (wood and gas oil)

• electricity generation (generator)

• food and beverages (non-alcoholic)

• accommodation during stay times in the Akunnaaq Artists House

• transportation of bags and equipment to and from Aasiaat Airport to the boat

C) Cold weather appropriate supplies - 1,000 €

• clothing adapted to the polar climate (a Lestra cold-weather parka and a pair of cold-weather boots)

D)Transportation - 1,500€

The flight ticket from Paris to Copenhagen and from Copenhagen to Aasiaat (Greenland)

E) Artistic material - 100 € - The artistic material

Paper of very good quality, transparent resin, archival varnish (which gives a shiny or matte effect to the creation), quality pastel pencil, candle, cutting board for cutter, cutter)

Total: 5.400 €

Meeting our goals 

Thank you for your kindness and contributions towards making this project a reality!  

A) Phase 1 : If we reach € 2800 Yeahhh !!!!!!! The journey has begun! If we reach € 2800  I will be able to finance the fees to live 1 month in a boat in the extreme environment of the Arctic and be able to bring you with me through email, postcard, video, fire painting, and a travel book.   I can involve scientists in the project and start planning with precision.

B) Phase 2: We are ready for take off!  If we reach € 4,300 I can pay the plane tickets to go to Aassiat from Paris. This is the beginning of my new life path that I have developed and dedicated for several years. When I return to France, I will organize free events to show the incredible richness of Greenland to school classes.

C) Phase 3: A work of love and art! If we reach 5.400 € and above, wowww this is incredible! I will be able to buy my artistic material and create artistic pieces to the extent of this unique journey. 

D) Phase 4: Education is the key to global awareness! I am convinced that education plays a major role in protecting the environment.  The funds will be used to gather artists and scientists with a shared focus/ agenda/ objective. Using poetic and scientific information to promote awareness. In any case, all funds will be utilized for this project and the organization of lectures about the Arctic.

"When we stop being amazed, we no longer believe in life" Michel Bouthot, Writer

"All these people teach us that there are other ways of being, other ways of thinking, other ways of orienting oneself on Earth, and this is an idea, if you think about it, that may you fill with hope " Wade Davis - Anthropologist (2003)

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