Au rythme où bat mon coeur

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Au rythme où bat mon coeur

The Story


A man, a woman. Paul, Anna. Between them, a child's life at the edge of disappearance, a breath of life fading away, a soul that must be released, which digs a space time of pain, that only violence can fill, violence of words, violence of looks, violence of bodies. A violence made against themselves and the others, that makes its way between love and hatred of oneself and others.



At the origin of the writing


A few years ago, I wrote texts and directed several movies for an association dedicated to children suffering from immunodeficiency, a genetic desserres that can't be cured in the most complicated cases.

There are no word to name a father or a mother who loses their child. The death of a child leaves the father and the mother without identity, and questions them more than anything about the meaning of life.

Is living still possible? How? Why? Do I still have this right?

To these fundamentals questions, a father and a mother always find different answers. And too often, the difference between their feelings, the intrinsic pain they never manage to voice, to share, to make understandable to the other, prevents them from waling through the present and face the future together.

Few couples survive the death of a child.


With this film, I want to pay tribute to the fathers and mothers I met, whose unspeakable suffering tore appart.



The will to move on to filmmaking




I have been willing to direct movie for a long time. After working on film sets as a camera assistant, director assistant, production manager on other's movies... after spending hours behind my computer writing, rewriting and rewriting again... now that my children are. finding their own path... It became important for me to share my universe through the screen.


This 15 minute short movie is part of a bigger project: it is supposed to lead me to the making of my first feature film "Qu'importe le bleu", and more…



My companions in this adventure


Un casting beyond my hopes

They read the scenario and they said yes! They are all comedians of fame and talent and they agreed to embody my characters, even the smallest parts, with a lot of enthusiasm.


Erika Sainte as Anna




Award winner of the 2012 Magritte of the best feminine "espoir" for her part in Philippe De Pierpont's "Elle ne pleure pas, elle chante", Erika Sainte revealed herself in intense and fragile feminine roles. She appeared as an obvious choice for Anna's character: a powerless mother, torn between her pain and anger.


You may have seen her in feature films such as G. Bannier's "Arrêtez-moi là", A. Bardou-Jacquet's "Moonwalkers", M. Noonan's "You’re ugly too" or the very last C. Jimenez's "La French" but also on television and in theatre plays (Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf by E. Albee, directed by M. Kacenelenbogen...)


Nicolas Herman as Paul





« I am happy that Christine chose me to embody Paul. This part stroke me with its realism and I was moved from the reading of the scenario... I had also wanted to work with Erika for a long time and I think that the story of this torn couple moved us both in the same way. »



For a long time, Nicolas Herman played the part of the police officer Nicolas Barrel from the very popular French TV show Plus belle la vie.  Since he left the show, you may have seen him in feature films such as B.F. Boucher's Les lettres portugaises, S.Archinard ou F. Prevot Leygonie's Amitiés sincères and O. Doran's Le coach… but also on television and in theatre plays.



And also :


Christelle Delbrouck (Valérie)





Serge Hologne (Vincent)





Romain Mathelart (Maxime)





Jacqueline Ghaye (Hélène)





Une équipe technique de professionnels expérimentés, qui ont répondu présent sans hésiter:



- Louis Philippe Capelle, directeur de la photographie.

- X , ingénieur du son

- Camille Arpajou, scripte

- Florin Dima, chef décorateur

- Marc-Olivier Dupin, musique originale.

- Sophie Rouffio, chef monteuse image

- Laure Montagnol, chef monteuse son

- Nono van Meerbeeck, chef costumière

- et tous ceux qui doivent encore nous rejoindre : régisseur, assistants réalisation, assistants caméra, perchman, électros, machinos, maquilleuse…



Et vous, les Kissbankers !


Allocation of funds

A movie, even a short one, is a real business: a three-week-long preparation, six days of shooting, one month for the postproduction (editing, music, audio mix, color correcting...)




Making fifteen minutes of Cinema in fully professional conditions is expensive: hardware (camera, microphone, boom...), electric material, machinery, truck, renting of the sets, special effects, costumes, make-up, transportation, music recording, meals for the crew...


The actors and the members of the crew are unpaid workers who chose to join the project voluntarily. 

Friends have opened their houses to me so that I can use them as sets.

Providers have offered me services at unbeatable conditions.


Anyway, the film has an incompressible price of 5 000 euros.




These 5000 euros, I hope to collect them from the participative financing, thus from you! And according to the time-honored expression, every euro counts, and I count on you!


What would be great, would be to double the stake, and even to triple it, so that all those who are going to share this adventure, invest their time, energy and positive attitude for the success of the movie, can be partially paid.





5 000 € = the movie can be shot;

7 500 € = the movie can be shot in the best conditions;

10 000 € = the movie can be shot in the best conditions and the crew partially paid;

15 000 € = the movie can be shot in the best conditions and the crew can be fully paid, as well as the providers.





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