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Beyond the Blue

Documentaries, Heritage

Project visual Beyond the Blue
17 days
Out of €4,500
75 %

A documentary movie about the history of an unusual plane, to pay tribute to those who have conceived and built it. Help us to complete it.

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3 days

projet génial!

3 days

Vers l'infini et l'au-delà ;-)

23 days
Jehanne-de Monge

Qu’Il prenne son envol!

Project creator
23 days
ladislas.dm & pierre.db

Merci! Yes, it's time...

26 days

je pense à vous les gas , bonne amusement , bises Alain

Project creator
23 days
ladislas.dm & pierre.db

Merci. Nous aussi, et j'espère que tu pourras descendre de ta montagne pour venir à l'avant-première... ;)

27 days
Aldert-van Nieuwkoop

Thank you Ladislav for doing this! This is an awesome story and movie and I look very much forward to seeing this come alive