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BOOK & CD in French

We are the duo MAZIMA. We have created the poetic show L’ENVOL/FLIGHT OF A BIRD, a co-production with La Ferme du Biéreau.

It is a music tale about following your dreams and the life in the big city. The music style is a fusion of afro, jazzy, electro-pop, French and urban songs… a mix, just like us!

We invite you to discover our first single: La force de notre terre, from our album, here is the link:

We have performed in Belgium in schools, at the Kidzik Festival in Louvain-La-Neuve, in cultural centres such as Soignies and Gembloux, at La Maison qui Chante, at La Montagne Magique, at the Staycation festival Duprée Stationnée in Brussels and at the international music festival Le Printemps de Bourges in France.

We were due to release our CD in March 2020 but the health crisis decided otherwise. The concerts and events having been canceled, we had to postpone the album release.

Despite a complicated situation for the cultural sector, we have chosen to release our music and to share it with you!

For this relaunch, we want to create a book that accompanies our CD: a beautiful poetic BOOK & MUSIC object, for everyone from 4 years old. 

We have a wonderful team:

Music, logo and graphic desifn music album: Esinam Dogbatse
Script and lyrics: Marie-Rose Mayele                                                           Illustrations: Véronique Hidalgo
Graphic design of the book: Karine Dorcéan

Good news! For this project we have the support of the Fund Belgian Music, (only 10% out of the 600 projects were retained).

Fund Belgian Music finances half of the budget necessary for the realisation of our project, which is why we are launching this crowdfunding campaign.

We hope we made you want to discover our musical universe, to read our story and to participate in this crazy adventure.

We need your support to make our project exist in these difficult times.


Allocation of funds

The music album with 11 tracks is made and was produced with the support of the FWB (Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles).

This album, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Vanneste, will be inserted in the BOOK.

The funding we are seeking is intended to cover the costs of creating and printing 500 copies of the book.

It is also a question of financing the promotion of the release of this album-book in April 2021. We plan to film our release concert in a BOOKSHOP in Brussels and to distribute it online.

In addition to the support of Fund Belgian Music and this crowdfunding campaign (from which we expect a great success), our organisation, Cie sQueezz, has already invested money and time in the realisation of the project. If, however, we exceed the collection target, we will be able to print more copies.

And last but not least, we are also doing this campaign out of a desire to expand our audience.

We can't wait to share our creations with you (young and old)! While waiting for the release, don't hesitate to follow the progress of the project!

Here is our financial "plan of attack" in figures:

Digital scenography out of the show L'envol by June Peduzzi


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BOOK-CD + autograph + 2 entrances release concert


Estimated delivery: April 2021

You get your BOOK-CD after the private release concert date to be announced by the end of february
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2 BOOK-CD + CONCERT/WORKSHOP in two classes of your school (possible in English)


Estimated delivery: May 2021

The artists come to two classes and play an acoustic concert (20min) They bring a BOOK-CD to each class They give a rhythm and clapping workshop to each class (30min) You fix a date with the artists between May and June 2021
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