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Bubble Globe is a community platform allowing people to book authentic experiences hosted by locals.

Our aim is to allow everyone to experience new things or to share his passion, know-how or love for his city. To date, we are present in 5 great cities: Paris, London, Rome, Barcelona and New York. 


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There are as many possibilities as talents in the world!





Local guides: You want to share your passion, know-how, or love for your city? List an experience on our site and generate additional income.


Travelers: You want to be immersed in local cultures when you travel or (re)discover your own city? Find an experience and be prepared for a new adventure!


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Bubble Globe helps you to list an experience, verifies and translates it before publication. We also take care of secure payments. We charge our local guides a 15% fee (taxes included) for each reservation.


A reservation fee of 5% (taxes included) is added to the total amount requested by the guide to cover transaction fees.


Signing up and listing an experience is free.








It was during a trip to New York City in 2013 that Jérémy got the idea. Looking for a cheap accommodation and contact with the people, he discovered couchsurfing and imagined the ideal trip: live authentic experiences with locals that can’t be found in any guidebook. “All in all, this experience made me realize how much travelling is first a human adventure. I have established strong and durables connections that would probably not have existed because of fear to approach strangers.” The project began to take life in the incubator of his Business School (INSEEC Paris) after meeting with Thomas and Marie-Liesse, 2 complementary profiles sharing the same vision.


This is why Bubble Globe was launched in December 2014 with the aim to change the way we travel by placing human exchanges at the center of travel experiences.







Allocation of funds

So far, we have funded the project with our own money (€12,000 for now). However, our efforts are limited in time. The costs, inherent to every business, increase quickly. This is especially true concerning customer acquisition that are high at the beginning for platforms like ours (it takes some time to reach a certain volume of transactions and so profitability). This is why your support is essential to the success of our project. Beyond the financial aspect, this campaign is also a way for us to have maximum feedback and test our concept to a wider audience. Your support is the eternal engine of our relentless motivation to surpass ourselves every day a little more. We estimated our immediate needs to €3000, divided on the following items:


-Developping our offer: We want to offer you original and quality experiences. This requires a long and tedious work although very rewarding and full of wonderful encounters. This is why we need help by hiring a 6-month trainee to develop new cities (selected by you) and increase our current offer: 50% of recruitment will be funded in equity and 50% by the KKBB campaign: €1,800.


-Developping the community: because without you, we can’t exist and reach for the stars! Also, we want to offer you an optimal and unique experience through the creation of events to meet, share and test new features/activities with the community (meetups, contests, goodies...). We also want to offer an original and quality communication with for example the creation of special operations (such as a sponsorship program), visual aids and strategic partnerships: €1200 (part of the communication costs are funded by our personal contributions).


-Commission of KKBB: €240 (included in the communication budget).


And if we go beyond the objective?


It would be such a great satisfaction that would give us wings. We are fortunate to have with us a graphic designer and talented developer working hard to bring you the best experience on our website. This allows us to reduce costs in terms of development. However, we also know that our site will evolve (we have already had many feedback) and other features will be added to the existing ones. Also, we are aware and especially in our sector, that the mobility of travelers is a very important point. That's why every additional euro will be set aside and dedicated to the development of a mobile application to facilitate your browsing while traveling.


You want to help us and join our dedicated team? Become one of our ambassadors! For more information, contact us at: hello@bubble-globe.com

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