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We are three International Business Master’s program’s students at PPA Business school (https://www.ppa.fr/ecole-commerce-alternance.html) Yasmine, Florisbela and Juliette. Despite our differences, a common value unites our team: we are convinced that access to education is one of the first steps towards women’s empowerment. Therefore, we are more than happy to introduce you to Adecom Network association: ADECOM Network empowers women in South India ; "We’re an Indian local NGO that has been helping women from oppressed minorities to exercise their political, social and economic rights for over 25 years." Our goal is to bring universal human rights to oppressed women at the grassroots level. We do so by: Working directly with South India’s oppressed people, including Dalits, tribal people, rural communities and religious minorities. Challenging stereotypes against women’s place in society and changing discriminating behaviours and misconceptions/misbeliefs about women. Giving young people and women confidence, skills and opportunities to end discrimination and inequality and to participate in society Advocating for women’s rights on a state and national level. Find out more information on our website : https://www.adecomnetwork.org/

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Construction of Multi-Resource Centre for Women’s Empowerment (MRCWE) Presentation : Annai Meenambal Village Training Center (AMVTC) is the field office of ADECOM Network that is located in Cuddalore block, Uchimedu village in Cuddalore district. The main vision and mission of the center is to provide tailoring training and entrepreneurial opportunities for women. Other initiatives of the centre include the enhancement of education on gender equality, female empowerment and rural and community development through a public institution formed under the name of Annal Ambedkar Women Rationalistic Movement. The Need : This AMVTC aims to achieve female empowerment at a grassroots level through provided concern capacity building training, workshops and programs for the population of the surrounding villages. It also provides free tailoring training to women. This center was run as rental service provided by founder of ADECOM Network since it emerged. Now the rental agreement is going to be withdrawn as per the agreed lease. To continue the service of the Annai Meenambal Village Training Center, ADECOM Network is trying to find new opportunities to build a new center for people to continue the enhancing the beneficiaries at grassroots level. Objectives: AMVTC is mandated to give focused attention to sectoral issues affecting women by undertaking research, maintaining gender related data and engage in training and capacity building programs to enable greater understanding on women’s issues especially bringing the discourse on women belonging to vulnerable and marginalized communities on the forefront. It aims to: Create an environment through awareness generation to fuel demand by women for schemes/programmes and facilitate the process through which the gap between demand and supply can be reduced. Develop and implement gender sensitive training & capacity building modules. The strategy needs to factor in the requirements of diverse stakeholders (elected representatives, government officers, staff including field functionaries, women’s collective members and individuals), training needs (sensitization, awareness generation, technical skills, behavioural change), modalities etc. Develop different strategies for women’s empowerment such as enhancing livelihood options for women using the women collectives including promoting SHG federations, producer companies of women etc. Carry out public service campaign, workshops, awareness generation about the different programs/ schemes, health and education through suitable media strategy to achieve the mission objectives. Design and implement the Information Education and Communication (IEC) strategy to generate awareness about issues facing 3 women including “patriarchal beliefs” that impedes all round development of women. Opportunities: ADECOM Network already has the Children Recreation Center at Cuddalore district for children development activities. The AMVTC team has to move continuously due to the rental of buildings. To create permanent structure for AMVTC, ADECOM Network planned to construct AMVTC center in the upstairs of the already existing center of Children Recreation. AMVTC’s permanent structure will be used to empower local women and children and we believe these services are essential to help them. Call to action : ADECOM Network is now seeing opportunity from funder is financial support for construct the AMVTC for welfare of women. It is great opportunity for ADECOM Network to build centre for women empowerment with support of volunteers, well-wishers and from internal and external funding opportunities.  AMVTC really needs helping hands from you to ensure women empowerment to develop our villages.

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