Calendrier Letterpress 2017 Le Voyage Intérieur

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Calendrier Letterpress 2017 Le Voyage Intérieur



A meditative and visionary journey through the year, highlighted and underlined by the authentic beauty of letterpress.


2nd edition of the letterpress calendar created by Jean-Marc Embit for Eqivoqe.


«Be zen and creative in 2017 by following a serene journey, full of adventures and poetry !»


///You can frame your cards and hanging it on your wall or use it as spacer for you favorite Moleskine book or agenda :) ///





//The calendar is a hand numbered limited edition composed of 16 cards (10 x 15 cm) printed on 500 g coton paper, sealed with a headband and placed in a black cardboard box with velvet background.//



It is a hand numbered limited edition : 100 copies


///We could produce a little more if we reach the capital.///


The 2017 calendar is designed as a contemporary and design object, full of colors to brighten your day, your week, your month, your year.


We want to share with you this unique and 100% original edition.





We are a team with multiple talents.

This year, we use crowdfunding to support our letterpress calendar project.

This project is supported by Jean-Marc Embit.


We founded the brand Eqivoqe in 2015, to give the opportunity to acquire rare & precious objects, carrying a story and an authentic relationship with those who have imagined and realized.

Take a look at our shop :  

All artworks are numbered and signed by hand of the author and we put a point of honor to carry the creations of artists by means of various high quality artisanal processes.

We work with our printer partner "MOS", expert in artisanal printing.


For the second edition of the letterpress calendar, we don't do profit.

We count only the cost for preparing, producing, packing and delivery the calendar.


We hope that you will be proud to support this project and acquire the new calendar!


By example, for 35€ contribution, you will receive your signed and numbered calendar accompanied by a personal message on a personalized postcard (delivery from late November-early December).





A karmic journey...

It is a creative and meditative journey to infuse in your soul freshness, inspiration and enjoyment throughout the year.


Between contemplation, surrealism, poetry and reflection, the calendar invites you to dream.

What better way to stay positive and find energy every day?


You can expose your cards as you like, frame them and make a patchwork on your favorite wall, or place them in your office to brighten up your working environment :)



///////// The author


Jean-Marc Embit is as passionate about the contemporary design than poetry or naive drawing.

He imagined and created this calendar being inspired by the work of designer Alexander Girard.


Each card is full of illustrations, prose, floral patterns and original icons, which will be magnified by color and relief printing (letterpress printing craft).



///////// A practical and stylish calendar


The letterpress calendar includes 16 cards sealed with a headband and placed in a black cardboard box with velvet background.

The black box protects your cards and ensures their integrity during shipping.

You can also use the box to handle your cards on your desk, by example.


Each month of the calendar has a specific color, the result of a unique composition created by the printer, based in Metz in France.


The calendar is trilingual (English, French and German) including a caption for the holidays.

The lyrics are mostly in English with some French and German.


///////// Cards details :


(Here you can take a better look on each 3 cards originaly designed in black & white.

Colors will be added by the printer in the printing process)






See the original cards and colors simulation on our website : (in french)



///////// Calendar informations :


Size : a card measures 10 x 15 cm, a practical and specific format for letterpress printing.

Colors : 16 Pantone colors specially created by printer.

Paper : a unique 100% cotton paper 500g

Numbers of cards : 16 authentic cards.

Languages : english / french / german


An authenticity certificate is included in the box.



///////// The color to magnify the calendar :


This is a Color simulation. It's not pictures of the final product.


////////////////////////// Rubine Red pantone :


////////////////////////// Black Plum pantone :


////////////////////////// Pacific Blue pantone :



///////// Scaling view (simulation) :







Artisanal print is printed on original Heidelberg printing press (OFMI).

Letterpress printing has the ability to create relief into paper by adding tons of pressure while printing.



It’s called deep impression, or debossing. And it’s done at the same time, printing AND debossing, always one color at a time. The thicker the paper, the deeper the impression.


Every edition is unique !

Each series is a small project with its own history.




///////// Past edition : 2016 letterpress calendar


Edited on original Heidelberg printing press.





See more :


Allocation of funds

We need 3,672 € for this project.


- Almost 70% of the total cost are reserved for the production (files and plates preparation, and specific processes for letterpress printing).

For information, the cost for preparing a board (for 1 color) is equivalent to about 170 € for the printer.

The printer needs a full week of work to edit calendars.


- Associated works: print headbands / certificates / custom greeting cards (offset press) account for about 3% of the overall cost.


- Finally, we must add the creation of boxes, packaging, and finalization that also takes time and represent about 9% of the total cost.


- Shipping charges are estimated at about 12% of the overall cost.


- The remaining 8% correspond to the fees.    




The funds are used to support only the costs of preparation, production, packaging and delivery.


Working time spent on the creation is not taken into account.

The creator don't earn money for this project.


His primary objective is to share it.  


///////// What if we exceed the target ?


If we go beyond 3,500 €, we will edit more calendars for you :)


If we go beyond 5,000 €, we could produce a deluxe edition with 2 colors per board.

We already thought about that and did simulation.


Beyond 6,000 €, we couldn't imagine that but we are open to all your suggestions to make your calendar more unique.


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