Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food.

With your help, more pets can benefit from affordable, nutritious, holistic food.

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Celtic Connection Holistic Pet Food.

For years, major brands have focused on their bottom line instead of our pets' health. They crowd smaller companies with better products out of the market with their huge budgets and influence on pet stores. They produce food that is not designed for the digestive system of our carnivorous cats and dogs which need meat to thrive. Major brands know our pets cannot digest plant-based protein, but they continue to include ingredients such as wheat, corn, soy and fillers despite the negative effects they have on our pets.


Help launch Europe's first affordable grain-free, gluten-free holistic pet food with freshly-prepared meat as the first ingredient, therapeutic levels of natural fruits, vegetables and herbs and the synergistic combination of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM.





Like many people, I consider my pets as family. So what they eat is just as important as what I eat. After years of searching for the perfect food for my pets, I became frustrated at what was available on the market. I was constantly confronted with dog and cat foods that contained wheat, corn and soy as the main ingredients, meat meals from several different animal sources and no trace of support or protection to keep my pets comfortable into their senior years.


So I set out to create pet foods based on what I knew my pets needed to live long, happy, comfortable lives. I began developing recipes that reflected their natural diet as carnivores, which mainly eat MEAT - not grain, and used my knowledge of herbal remedies to simulate an animal's natural instinct to seek out plants that benefit their health and comfort.






I then worked with a team of the UK's top nutritionists and veterinarians and guidelines from the FEDIFA and AAFCO to ensure the foods I developed for my pets not only met the requirements for all life stages, but that they even exceeded them for improved health and vitality.






After getting really great results from the food with my own pets, a friend and I started offering it to people we knew and the response was amazing. Dogs that were itchy for years were no longer scratching, digestive problems cleared up, lean muscle appeared and vet bills went down. We knew then that Celtic Connection was something special and should be made available to the market so even more pets could benefit from it.






What makes Celtic Connection Handcrafted Holistic Pet Foods unique:


• 70% premium animal ingredients, 30% fruits, vegetables and herbs, 0% grain and gluten

• Holistic approach promotes whole body health, not just one aspect (joints, digestion or skin)

• Single source animal protein - no poultry fat in our fish recipes or fish oil in our poultry recipes

• All ingredients from ethically-farmed, human-grade sources

• Hypo-allergenic - no beef, dairy, corn, soy or fillers

• No Genetically Modified (GM) ingredients

• No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

• Grain-free, gluten-free recipes

• Unique blend of therapeutic levels of botanicals to promote health naturally

• Synergistic blend of glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM

• Preserved with rosemary extract and vitamin E

• All ingredients and recipes have been tested in both the UK and the USA

• Small batch production to ensure pets always receive freshly-made food

• First cat food in the world to include MSM


I created Celtic Connection because I could find no other pet food on the market which provided the level of nutrition and natural synergy I wanted for my pets. This food is a labour of love, made for people like you who love their pets.

Allocation of funds

The re-design of the logo, website and packaging have given Celtic Connection the professional look it needs to be able to compete in shops with major brands. Your help is now greatly needed and very much appreciated to purchase the newly designed bags so Celtic Connection can be offered to a larger group of pet owners. The new bags are biodegradable - made from recycled paper with a cellulose liner - and include water-based inks to reflect the natural character of the food and are more ecologically-friendly.


Without your help, it is not possible to afford the new packaging and Celtic Connection will not be able to help improve the health of as many animals as we know it could.


Helps us go from this...





to this:






2,5 kg bags: € 4.730 per recipe

5,5 kg bags: € 5.565 per recipe

12 kg bags:  € 6.335 per recipe



Total: € 16.630


If the amount gathered exceeds the goal, it will be used for additional packaging and development of new recipes.

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