Cherry café ambulant - café de spécialité, bio, éthique

Cherry café - itinerary specialty coffee shop, organic, ethically sourced

Project visual Cherry café ambulant - café de spécialité, bio, éthique
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Cherry café ambulant - café de spécialité, bio, éthique

My project in 2 words

I propose to create an independent coffee shop on a cargo bike in Rouen, Normandy. I will be stopping at key locations and cycling around town. I will sell specialty coffee roasted by local entrepreneurs who share my environmental and ethical values. The fresh coffee will be ground and brewed right in front of your eyes. You can order an espresso, an americano, a latte, a flat white, a cold brew and much more. Ideal for your morning commute or for a city walk.

My story and the origins of this project in Rouen

My name is Arnaud, I am a keen traveller and a bit of a dreamer. I spent a decade abroad for my studies and then my work. What I didn't expect to discover during this adventure was a real passion for coffee. Now back in my sweet France, I want to share my passion with you by creating an independent business as a specialty coffee on a cargo bike.

Not a fan of coffee in my youth, I didn't appreciate its bitter taste. Then I worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant where I made espressos. I then associated this caffeinated beverage with productivity and team spirit. Finally, comes 2013; 6 months in Singapore. There I discovered incredible coffees, naturally fruity, some tasting of sweet acidity like an apple and others of chocolate and caramel. Those were drinks to enjoy and to experience much like you would with wine. It’s not a commodity coffee; it is a specialty product. Since then, I have been addicted! Coffee has been on my mind every single day!

In Rouen, you are lucky to have discovered specialty coffees and excellent roasters years ago. But you still have to take many detours to find them. Hence my idea, inspired by the food trucks of London where I went every morning, noon and afternoon during my breaks.

I opted for the electric trike bike because it is mobile, eco-friendly and approachable. The coffee offered will be organic and fair trade or established via an ethical bilateral relationship.

The project in details

You will have the choice between a variety of hot beverages:

  • Specialty coffee (fresh, traceable, organic, fair trade)

  • Tea

  • Hot chocolate (traceable, ethical)

Milk-based drinks will be offered with whole cow milk or alternatively with oat milk (a great vegan / lactose-free / bad cholesterol-free option).

2 coffees will be available each day:

  • 1 'creation' coffee: this season my roaster offers a blend of beans from Colombia and Nicaragua: a round, sweet, velvety coffee with flavours of chocolate and caramel. I will rely on l'Arbuste de Caen as my main supplier.

  • 1 'discovery' coffee: single origin, in limited quantities, often from higher altitudes with more pronounced terroirs, presenting more original flavours which will greatly please amateurs and surprise others. I hope I can introduce you to several regional roasters here.

**GOOD TO KNOW**, the following goods will also be available for sale after a trial period:

  • 250g bags of coffee beans

  • Fresh pastries

  • Small items (bamboo mugs, Aeropress, V60, Chemex, manual mills etc.)


  • Offered in French and English

  • Glad to share my knowledge if you have any questions (e.g. why "Cherry"?;)

  • At your service, a recipe can be adjusted free of charge

Where is the project at?

My business plan and provisional budgets are produced and approved by the region. I am trained in the HACCP method. I have practiced grinding and brewing coffee for a long time (my hands will probably shake, don't be surprised, they've been doing this since childhood). A large part of the equipment is purchased ... I still have to order the bike (made in France, photo above) and the mobile espresso machine (made in the UK, photo below) and finally to assemble everything. To do this as quickly as possible, I need a helping hand and this is where you can help!

Allocation of funds

By reaching EUR 15,000 (EUR 2,500 from you and the rest from my own money, no loan here), I can buy the bike and the coffee machine, supply myself with coffee, milk, chocolate and tea and pay all the fixed costs. So I can get started!

By reaching more: EUR 18,000 (so an additional EUR 3,000 from you), I can buy a bigger espresso machine to boost service up, necessary equipment (storage, refrigerated display case, supplies ...) to add retail such as coffee bags from local roasters, pastries and small goods (e.g. reusable cups, manual mills, small coffee makers).

Thank you so much for your help! I look forward to making you a coffee this summer!

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