Clip Vidéo de Brenn & César

Brenn & César - "BVLGARI" Music Video Project. Directed by Leo Parleur.

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Clip Vidéo de Brenn & César

Hello everyone! To accompany the release of our first EP "Bvlgari" currently being finalized, we get into the realization of the video clip of our eponymous track. We don't want to say say too much about scenario in order not to spoil the surprise. But we can already give you a short preview of the song:



Who are we?




Brenn & César Daude Daude, two Parisian brothers 25 and 24 years. Born to an opera singer mother and a West Indian father and a strong music education initiated in our first years of primary school father, we always bathed at the crossroads of cultural and musical influences of our parents: Classical, Rock'n'Roll, Cuban and Colombian salsa, Zouk, Soukous, Reggae, ...




But it is to rock our ears turn to around our 9-10 years when a cousin gives us the self-titled album Fountains of Wayne and the first album of Oasis 'Definitely Maybe'. At that time, electronic music evokes us "repetition", "ease", "alienation".





During our high school years we formed various rock bands with friendscovering our favorite songs by Nirvana, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and other essential edgy rock'n'roll legends of the late twentieth century. The trigger took place in 2006 when a friend of Brenn's made ​​him listen 'Intro' by Alan Braxe and his legendary bass line. From there, everything accelerates, we get our first turntables in the same year and since then we still have not found the vaccine against the Techno virus ...


It is in 2011 that we engage seriously in composition and bring to light our first track 'Le Train de la Côte' (on our Soundcloud) quickly receiving early supports from renowned artists such as Joachim Pastor, Sébastien Léger or Alle Farben and Wankelmut on the other side of the Rhine.



We are inspired by artists such as Rodriguez Jr., Kollektiv Turmstrasse Laurent Garnier and the UK new wave like Julio Bashmore, Kowton, but also many of Hip-Hop U.S. as French from the late 90s , Blues, Country, ...  There is good everywhere, must leave nothing on the side.


Ever since we play bars, clubs and parties in Paris, with the aim to share our wide-spectrum musical selection going from Deep House to Techno while transmitting our energy and love for music as we play through our Dj sets or Live sets. You can make up your own mind by listening to the live mixes and podcasts posted on our Soundcloud.






So in 2013 we are spotted by the UK label Product London Records offering us to collaborate and gives us the opportunity to sign an EP which include internationally renowned artists, such as Oliver Schories, and G.Pal Rafael Murillo offering us each a remix of our flagship title 'BVLGARI'.




Oliver Schories (Der Turnbeutel / Noir Music)

G-Pal (Swift Records)

Rafaël Murillo (Seconde / Suruba)


So to accompany the release of our first record we get into the production of this the video clip with the help of our childhood friend as director, Leo Parleur.


Video Director/Editor: Leo Parleur (Dans Ma Ride / Larbroratoir)   





Music: The track set into frames in this video is "Bvlgari" present our first self-titled EP signed with the English label Product London Records with remixes from G.Pal, Oliver Schories and Rafael Murillo.


Synopsis and Casting kept confidential for now.


Release for Spring 2014.


Allocation of funds

Despite our initial investment, we lack a complement to carry out the project in its entirety. Through your investment, you will actively participate in the development of this video and its technical quality.   A non-exhaustive list of planned expenditures:


> Equipment rental:

High definition camera and its accessories (tripod, Steady-cam, etc ...)


> Permissions filming (for private and public places)

> Costumes & Accessories

> Shipping and potential displacement

> Benefit realization & post-production  

Your participation allows us to offer an artistic product of high technical quality in which you can participate according to your contribution.


Brenn & César

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