Conception et fabrication de denim bio en France

WS DENIM presents to you authentic organic denim articles, concepted and entirely made in France ! Participate and pre-order now !

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Conception et fabrication de denim bio en France

This project was born by the wish of producing with high quality organic denim fabrics articles inspired of values, and to relocate production in Mediterranean french region, the birch of blue jeans as we know them today.


The conception and production of jeans and accessories in the Paca region, in the south est of France, contribute to promote ethical, sustainable and equitable development worldwide.


One of our first objective is to give the opportunity to all to buy high quality fashion denim´s thought and made in France with positive impact in social and environment.

Concerning materials, everything as been done to give you maximum comfort and satisfaction.




WS DENIM jeans and accessories shares with you the french know how, the quality and guarantees that most of all raw materials are made in France, with all fabrics and hardware OEKO-TEX and GOTS certified, wish places us in one of the best levels in the world. Hardware is certified nickel free. For leather squares WS DENIM as made the choice to use vegetable tanning, without chromium 6, that is very harmful for health. 




All designs are timeless and very trendy, with special attention to all details. Maritime inspiration is always present, in reason of historical connection between Mediterranean region and sea.




In fact this project as the ambition to create authentic organic denim collections, respecting environment, and allow our clients to have exclusive high quality limited editions.




Our enterprise produce with pre-order system, to optimize natural resources (water, cotton, etc) spending less we will produce more with good quality (no overproduction - no speculation).

With that we assure to pay the right price for materials in respect to workers conditions and salaries.

The enterprise follows all procedures of our partners activities, to insure respect for WS DENIM principles.




We have establish a system of deposit of sorting for your denim. When you buy our denim articles you will pay a deposit included in the price of the article, with that you will be able to send us your old WS DENIM article to be recycled for free. You will receive a voucher to your next purchase in our website, that can be used also with loyalty points. Old denims will be used in new collections or completely recycled, to produce new fabrics or isolation products.


Greenhouse gas emission are one of our major preoccupations, and for that we search adapted solutions from the delivery package to our manufacture. We compensate emissions with annual programs, were we plant trees in protected environments.




To order check out your cap size with details below please.





  WS DENIM project does not stop here. The enterprise as the desire to progress and contribute to environment, with our positive impact program, and we will develop solutions for recycling, revalue articles, and innovate denim washing , but for that we need your support !






To chose your denim size check details below, thank you.

We recommend you to buy a size a bit loose, because in fact after first washing it will shrink a little bit.

For purists that doesn´t want to wash it, keeping the original denim color, we recommend to chose the size the most fitted.




Our shopping articles will be send 60 days maximum, after the end of the KissKissBankBank harvest.


Patience is a virtue ! :)


You will be proud of that !






Allocation of funds

 Your pre-orders will allow us to finish our first collection, and create new collections, develop our Positive impact programs (social and environmental) and anticipate hiring for 2014.


By financing this project you are not simply buying a jean or a cap. In fact, these products are more than simple clothing pieces, they are a part of the french history. They are inspired in the original traditional denim, a know how almost disappeared with off-shoring.


Therefor you will contribute to a circular economy were everybody is a winner. From workers that harvest cotton, to the manufacturers that transforms it, we create better and right conditions to everybody, respecting them and paying them what they deserve to live for - correctly distributing what you pay for.




We produce here in France to control that, and make sure that workers and environment are respected. Cotton cultivation is followed with care, and that´s the reason why we work with the best trusted certification bodies that also analyze situations in the field. You will also have access with this system to best prices than shops, doing less emissions with this delivery/shopping method.


Environment is the winner with our programs, with less bad emissions, and new great solutions to protect it, but we still think that with all of that, the biggest winner is our client !




We have invested personally and economically as far as we could. Now we came asking to you to validate with your pre-orders our project, and to know a little more about your need. This project as everything to create wealth to our society, just participate. Help us and our partners to go on on this project, you will be proud of having participate !


Thank you very much from all the team.





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