Confluences, first EP of duo Youn & Sepas in summer 2021.

An EP of 7 titles, in duo of piano and saxophone soprano, an “oriental jazz fusion” music. A mix of unique colours.

Project visual Confluences, first EP of duo Youn & Sepas in summer 2021.
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Confluences, first EP of duo Youn & Sepas in summer 2021.

<p><em><strong>The project in 2 words :</strong></em><br /> Youn &amp; Sepas is a young duo of&nbsp;soprano saxophone and piano which combines the warmth of oriental colours with the passion that the jazz and its improvisations can bring. Proposing a new musical language, invites you to discover its EP sound through the compositions, a rich and daring world.</p> <p>Confluences, represent a start for the duo.</p> <p><strong><em>The origines of the project, narrated in our way... :</em></strong></p> <p>Once upon a time, in the fabulous land of Rennes, there was a young pianist emeritus who already has two albums out in Iran, Sepas Sadrenoori. This Iranian, who has been plunged in Persian tradition from the youngest age, and had freshly arrived in France, could not stop complaining. &ldquo;What boring it is the life without my future friend Youn !&ldquo; &nbsp;He exclaimed with his adorable Persian accent.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Came September, autumn and its humid climate, its chrysanthemums, and its golden leaves. Then followed the start of the new year of Musicology studies. During a night of fun at a tavern in Rennes, the very Breton Breton, Youn Lebreton, so Breton that he is a bagpipe player (well&hellip; a saxophonist too), caught the eye of our young protagonist.&nbsp;<br /> As a matter of fact, he played a saxophone solo from the future, with oriental vibes. Our little Sepas found himself taken aback when hearing this jazz improvisation.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;No sooner than the next evening, our two minstrels were invited by their comrades for a night of festivities and beverages. They were requested to enliven the get-together in the best way possible. It was with enthusiasm that a long and intoxicating improvisation emanated from the duo. The saxophone embraced the piano keys with its powerful vibrations, the piano&rsquo;s depth resonated and mesmerised the room, both musical tones perfectly coming together. &nbsp;<br /> Subjugated, the group of people stayed silent. Once they had finished, the two musicians gave each other a complicit glance and understood that they were going to make great music together. That is when the Youn &amp; Sepas Duo was born.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;The days past and King Emmanuel the 1st was faced with the hard task of announcing a second national lockdown. Nina, a pretty singer from Vitr&eacute;, offered that our two musicians endure the lockdown in her humble abode. What followed was a long month of musical labour, during which the Youn &amp; Sepas Duo&rsquo;s repertoire was established. Once done, they decided to share it with the public in the form of an EP (a musical format still uncommon in the XIIIth century&hellip;). Its name ? Confluences.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> Rumour has it that they in need of a few a gold coins to finance their project.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><em><strong>The project more concretely :</strong></em></p> <p>the EP Confluences include 7 titles of original compositions, in duo of soprano saxophone and piano. Each melody consists of soloists, &nbsp;unusual improvisions, and of course of a particular alchemy that characterises the Youn &amp; Sepas&rsquo;s duo.&nbsp;</p> <ul> <li>Youn LEBRETON : soprano saxophone&nbsp;</li> <li>Sepas SADRENOORI : piano</li> <li>Nina ASLANAUT (featuring) : voice</li> </ul> <p>Confluences is the first project of scope lead by the duo, with the crazy willing of sharing their passionate creations.</p> <p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p><em><strong>We&rsquo;ll count on you !</strong></em></p> <p>To propose the best version of our music, we need your protection !</p> <p>We then propose you to contribute to the creation of our EP by donating whatever you like as sum or by profiting different returns (preordering the EP, concerts and services, compositions, small crazies...)</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><em><strong>Some numbers, but not too many...</strong></em></p> <p>Up to now, we have estimated our expenses to :</p> <ul> <li>Records in a studio : 700&euro;</li> <li>Mix and master : 700&euro;</li> <li>Pressing 300 EPs : 600&euro;</li> <li>Author&rsquo;s rights (SACEM, pressing) : 200&euro;</li> <li>Communication : 300&euro;</li> <li>KisskissBankBank communication (8%) : 200&euro;</li> <li><strong>Total : 2700&euro;</strong></li> </ul> <p><em><strong>And of course, if the rate of 100% of the objective is surpassed, that will lead us to review our plans to propose you an even higher quality content !</strong></em></p>


Our warm thanks !


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We send you lots of love, from a distance... Covid obliges 😉

Public acknowledgement !


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We will acknowledge your support in a dedicated Instagram & Facebook post ! 📸

Estimated delivery: June 2021

An EP in digital format !


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We’ll send you a download link of all of our EP titles the day of its release + a thank- you text ! 🎧

Estimated delivery: June 2021

A dedicated CD !


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We’ll send you by post our EP on physical format version on its day of release + a thank- you word ! 💿

Estimated delivery: June 2021

2 concert tickets !


  • 10 contributions
We’ll invite you -and a person you chose- to attend a concert outdoors in Vitré town this summer. Of course, you will be offered a drink at the end of the concert ( all along respecting today’s health regulations) ! If possible, we’ll send you two tickets of our first concert ( we protect ourselves) 🍻

Estimated delivery: July 2021

A short private presentation !


  • 9 contributions
A small offer of 30 minutes of Breton’s bagpipe at your place (by Youn) or Iranian piano (by Sepas) at the date you chose (the transport fee will be at your charge once more than 80 km from Rennes...) + a delicate CD 🎵

An exclusive composition !


  • 3 contributions
An exclusive composition of Youn and Sepas, created after your willing and indications + a dedicated CD delivered to your place ! And this is just for you 📝

Estimated delivery: August 2021

A complete private duo concert !


A set of private concerts of Youn & Sepas duo in your hall or garden, sono included, on the date you chose (transport fees of more than 80 lm from Rennes on your charge...) 🎷🎹

A authentic Persian rug !


A marvellous and authentic Persian rug, directly from Iran, 2,25*1,5m machine made, ornate of our smiling faces (and believe us, that’s because we love you💋) P.S : To be ditched in person (delivery fees are huge...)

Estimated delivery: August 2021

Youn & Sepas will cook for you !!!


Youn & Sepas présent you a gigantic buffet of traditional Persian dishes; for 4 people and of course unlimited; a discovery of salvors that will please you will happiness (the meals of course are accompanied by our music) 🍴

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