Help me to help them! 25,000km on a bamboo bike to provide 2,240 Indonesian children with clean drinking water.


The project

The story? It begins in the Netherlands in 2009. It is the story of Joost and Michiel, two young students who decided to cycle 30,000km from the Arctic to the Antarctic on bamboo bicycles. Their idea? To prove that a crucial development issue such as a lack of access to clean and safe water can be solved using sustainable solutions.




Amazed by the actions of Joost and Michiel, I wanted to continue their work, and turn Cycle for Water into a movement that gives everyone dedicated to contribute to the cause of water conservation and sustainable development the possibility to do so.

As a result, a West to East expedition25,000km from France to the other side of the globe has been undertaken... The final destination is New Zealand!




A few months ago, with the help of my friend Simon who joined me from France to Thailand, the first fundraising campaign was a great

More than 10,000 Euros were raised to provide the necessary infrastructure to bring sustainable and free access of clean water to 4 Thai primary schools, benefiting 1,040 kids, their families and neighbours. Thanks to the collaboration of the HOAT Foundation, the construction of the facilities has now started.



But it doesn't stop here. 

By having experienced first-hand the clean water issue facing communities while pedaling the Indonesian roads, my visit at World Vision Jakarta was a chance to collaborate on a great humanitarian project. Let's help to raise funds for those who are most in need of access to safe water; a basic human right and one of the core Sustainable Development Goals the world intends to meet by 2030.





Your intrepid cyclist

I'm a 25 year old big dreamer, lover of open spaces, crazy fundraiser for sustainability, and the only French student to have participated in the International Antarctic Expedition 2012 with Robert Swan, OBE and 2041. It is also by meeting with Joost and Michiel, the founders of Cycle for Water, that after completing my studies in Corporate Social Responsibility, I gave it a try to make Cycle for Water a movement! 




After 13 months of endless pedaling, here I am crossing the incredible kiwiland. Have a look at the last leg of the expedition till the finish line!





Let's act with World Vision and Wahana Visi Indonesia!

-What is it?

Wahana Visi Indonesia (WVI) is a humanitarian organization working to create lasting changes in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty. 

Wahana Visi Indonesia is the preferred local partner of World Vision and implements most of World Vision’s programs in Indonesia. Wahana Visi Indonesia serves all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender.




-Where is it & why?

The humanitarian project is in Southwest Sumba, a district of NTT Province, which is located in eastern Indonesia.

Based on statistical data, the region has a variety of water problems, especially the scarcity of clean water. Its impact on the community health level in the province, Southwest Sumba gives highest contribution for higher malnutrition prevalence compared with other provinces in Indonesia. 63.05% Household in Southwest Sumba Regency does not have a source of drinking water, and is the highest of NTT Province.

The issue is the link between access to water and education, which is more intertwined than it seems. Indeed, in a region where there is a critical lack of clean drinking water available to people, it is so much risk that young girls leave school before the age of puberty.

The boys also see their limited future without a stable supply of drinking water, decisive criteria for their health and therefore the success of their studies.

A lack of clean water increases school absenteeism of its students, and indirectly increases poverty in a given region.

Wahana Visi Indonesia breaks this vicious circle by building the infrastructure and encouraging children to bring drinking water from the new clean water facility to their homes.




Why fund it?

With Cycleforwater, the plan is to have a joint fundraising operation with the campaign #beranimimpi to collect the last necessary funds, 16,500 US dollars to provide a clean water facility in the village of Ate Dalo. A part of the water infrastructure is currently already being built (see the first stage of the process above). It will be located in a public area, in front of the public elementary school, giving free access of clean water to 2,246 children and the whole community.

It will be a borehole well with a sustainable filtration system set up by the NGO Wahana Visi Indonesia, and the collaboration of World Vision Indonesia.




A funding of USD 18,000 (or 16,000 euro) will be used for the following expenditures:


-Covering the Kisskissbankbank 8% fee : USD 1,500  


Finance the joint water project which provides a borehole well system, its infrastructure and maintenance to the village:

The campaign #beranimimpi already collected USD 17,000. As the total cost of the water project is USD 33,500, Cycleforwater needs to raise the USD 16,500 left to make it happen!  


-Land Ownership & First year operational cost

Land (Well Location) : 30 m2 x USD 50 = USD 1,500 

Water Comitte Legalization (Local Gov. Paper) = USD 4,700 

Technician (one year maintenance fee) = USD 1,800 

Water Comitte Salary (4 people from community) = USD 4,000

Total = USD 12,000


-Borehole Well

Cassing Pipe 5 Dim (10 pcs) = USD 2,000

Outer Pipe 1 1/4 Dim (20 pcs) = USD 1,000  

Shimizu Water Machine 1.5 PK (1 pc) = USD 1,150 

Contrator (package) = USD 2,850  Glue. Cable, other equipment = USD 1,000

Total = USD 8,000



Foundation = USD   500  

Water Reservoir = USD 2,000 

Room for Water Machine = USD 600 

Water Tap distribution (incl 4 pipe, 8 faucet,cement, etc) = USD 400 

Water Comittee Meeting Room = USD 2,500 

Toilet = USD 500 

Wall & Fence = USD 1,500  

Technician & Contractor = USD 2,000   

Total = USD 10,000


-Assessment, Committee Training & Maintenance System Development, Community Socialization & Program Monitoring

Assessment (Community Dialog) 2x = USD 300 

Commitee Training & Maintenance System Dev. 2x = USD 600

Community Socialization  (12x) = USD 600 

Program Monitoring (12 months) = USD 2,000  

Total = USD 3,500


CycleforWater is a non profit organisation which aims to raise awareness about the importance of clean drinking water and fund humanitarian projects in differents parts of the world.

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Why France to New Zealand?

To connect the other pole, of course! To make sure that the people there don't walk upside down!
More seriously, it is also to be part of the logical continuity of the project. Joost and Michiel did their journey from North to South, we do it from West to East!

+ How long are you traveling?

A year all round. A little more even, 14 months. I left on July 27 in Toulouse. I I seek also a reception committee to celebrate the arrival in New Zealand. Are you interested?

+ What is the purpose of Cycle for Water?

Raise awareness of the need to protect our water resources. Unfortunately a problem with high growth rates in double figures at least! Water is life! But also economic stability, peace between countries, and also respect for human dignity. Its access is a human right after all!
The second objective: to finance purifying water infrastructures to poor communities like the community targeted with the World Vision.

+ What are the possible solutions?

Many solutions are possible to bring water to 785 million people that don't have access to it. But it is a multifaceted problem. It is sometimes a geopolitical one, rivers crossing several countries at once. It can be a gender problem, women and girls being often assigned to fetch water for the family. It may be cultural, some water being polluted by poor hygiene practices. It can be economic, as certain activities, including agriculture, can consume a region stocks. There is no single answer to this, but there are many technological solutions to address each of these characteristics. What CycleforWater wants is a real desire to preserve water. Where there is a Will, there is a way!

+ How to become the next CFW ambassador?

Tip number 1: Do not think that only sports makes the journey!
Tip number 2: Work your English (especially hard for French folks!).
Tip number three: Go for a few days cycling independently.
Tip number 4: Get a lot of positive energy.
Tip number 5: Train your digestive system at the nearest Indian restaurant.
Tip Number 6: contact CycleforWater!

+ Where can I learn more about Cycle for Water?

Follow the progress on Facebook or Twitter @Cycleforwater
For behind the scenes of the adventure, go on Instagram @Cycleforwater

+ What training have you received before departure?

Digestive walks on Sundays! Some additional stretching, and that's it! Sports lovers but not cyclists, I have mostly grown the sense of adventure.. Cycling is not the most difficult! The hard part is the rest: eat, drink, and sleep well.

+ Why travel on a bamboo bike?

Why not?! It's flex! It's solid! It's green, and fun!
And above all, we renew the bet that this material can hold as well as chemical materials and unnatural pollutants that we all know. Bamboo is the way to go!

+ Where do you sleep?

Just about everywhere. In the forest, homestay, in the garden of the inhabitant, in the offices of our sponsors, in campsites, youth hostels, affordable hotels, cafes or lounges restaurants, beach ...... .