Donnez vie à Aorta Training Center

Support in creating a new Martial Art and more specifically a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Center in Brussels

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Donnez vie à Aorta Training Center

Thanks to all !
We have succeed with your help !

Who are we?

We are three black belts who are dedicating our life to bjj. We are all teaching in our team, Aorta Team.


Creation of Aorta TC a gym specifically oriented for bjj but combined with other sport and wellness activities.


By reopening an old gym and transform it into a dojo with different areas.


Schaerbeek (Brussels) - 40 rue de la Luzerne


Our students and us are dreaming of this project since a while now, it is time to make it happen!
We wish to open a place where students can train seriously and improve. Have fun and feel home.
The gym is also the right place to promote our values, the martial art values, such as respect, hard work, humility and self-improvement.


The bjj is a martial art with the goal to control or submit an opponent without any kind of strikes.
Practicing bjj improves many abilities like endurance, physical conditions, coordination, strength but also memory and self-control.
This martial art doesn't develop agressivity but develop self-confidence, serenity and humility.

What other sport?

Educative boxing, self-defense, yoga, pilates, capoeira plus classes for kids or women only.

Allocation of funds

This crowdfunding's goal is to finance the equipments and the works needed for renovations.
- constructions of the changing rooms for men and women and the renovation of the showers (min 2500€)
- participation to buy the furniture, tatamis, bags, crosstraining structure (min 1000€)
- participation to paint the new gym (min 1500€)
- include the kisskissbankbank fees: 8% (5% for KKBB plus 3% bank administratin fees)

We really hope to done with the works for mid-August and open the gym for September first.

It is a non-profit organisation and the whole collect will be used by Aorta Training Center ASBL.

Join us in this adventure.
Alone we go faster but tougher we go further.
Thanks everyone for supporting this project

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