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Saturday, March 09, 2013
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Among the images and sounds we absorbe everyday, only a tiny part strikes us. Double Pigeon Productions offers the image that will make you forget the rest. It's a meeting on the corner of a street with a double headed pigeon. This pigeon needs your help to take off, because two heads are really heavy. It's a very generous pigeon, that aims at helping the members of his kind to fly too. Today, it's your turn to be generous! Through only two clics, donate to this fundraising to help the pigeons!

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2328 days
Koreen Valard

Pas grand chose à donner, que du positif! On croit en Double Pigeon, leur talent et au fait qu'ils deviendront des aigles!! Bravo les Pigeons! Keep it up!

2328 days

Va y Datis défonce tout!

2343 days

Bouyah !

2344 days

Bon courage les gars! Roman

2344 days

Azy j'ai laissé l'oseille n'en faites pas de la merde!

2344 days

Go for it rouuuurouuu

2344 days

kick ass n write names, Ulysse haha

2348 days

Ma Chérie, on te souhaite plein de réussite dans ce nouveau projet : bravo on est super fiers !!!!!!! plein de bisous Gilles et Marie-Claude Sol devrait participer aussi nous a t-il dit ce jour par skype.

2350 days

Roouuuu ROOOuuuuuu ROUUUUUU

2350 days

Good luck Ulysse & co! Love the vid, looking forwards to see the end result. Pee pee from La Suède !

2351 days

I'm a pigeon now

Project creator
2353 days
Double Pigeon Productions

Merci Samad