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We are the Driewieler Collectief - Angelo Custodio, Arthur Guilleminot and Pedro Matias - an artistic collective based in Amsterdam.

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Driewieler Collectief at "Ctrl+T"

Having our starting point in the broad notion of ‘new shapes’ of a community, we are committed to explore creatively the repercussions of such concept. Interested in developing further this ‘community’, we ground our research upon the redefinition of body. How can we create a new body, a new shape, merging 5 legs, 29 fingers, 25 toes, 3 heads, 3 cocks, 6 testicles...?




Can we create this collective body and what are the repercussions to the community that surrounds us?

We intend, in a process-based research, to explore among other aspects, the possibilities in creating a new architectural body, exploring a new shape, opening to a new and posthuman community of freaks. We aim to stimulate the sexual brain of the spectator with subliminal social critiques, using sarcasm, humor and illusion, bending sexuality as trigger to rethink the position of the self, concerning the current human and social relations.


In a theoretical level, literary references such as ‘The Unnameable’, (Samuel Beckett), ‘Social works, performing art, supporting publics’ (Shannon Jackson); philosophical concepts as ‘Body without organs’ (Gilles Deleuze) or scientific researches on posthumanism and cliodynamics are important inspirations to us. We intend to reflect upon these afflatus to, afterwards, apply them to the visual and artistic realms.

As part of our process we aim to create objects, exploring its expanded functions and performativity, beyond performance props. We aim to build objects and costumes that are facilitators of visual compositions. As inspiration for this particular aspect, we should mention the body architect Lucy McRae and the designer Bart Hess. 


You can find in the following links, some documentations from our previous pieces:


Beyond Uncanny 



Free Balling






Genital Dystopia






The project will take place in Athens for a month period from August to September. It will be a social project made with the greek population.


Allocation of funds

We, the Driewieler Collective believe in new notions of community, always pushing the boundaries of concepts such as: common body, uncanny society, group movements among others. For this project we need your help to push once more the limits of human interaction. As a young international collective we would like to extends these limits also in a cultural way. 




Being two Portuguese and a French living in Netherlands, we aim for diversity of inspiration. At the times of such politic (european) crisis, we want, more than ever, to confront our reality to other countries of our continent. Greece has been through important social changes and seems to be the perfect place to develop our cultural and societal horizon.


For this project, we will be working directly with the art foundation Metamatic:taf. TAF/the Art Foundation began operating in May 2009 with a dual role of an independent space organising and hosting cultural events related to all forms of artistic production and a point of social gathering for people bearing a new Athenian identity. Within just three years of operation it has become an active space of sociability, in which everyone is welcome to attend and participate; an open space of assembly and dialogue, accessible to the public, seven days a week, all year round.

Ctrl + T programme is an initiative aiming to mobilise emerging local and international artists to deploy their artistic practice and develop work-in-progress. Throughout the year and for a specific period, different artists are given control of metamatic:taf’s exhibition space and social media, in order to elaborate upon the concept of CTRL+T with absolute freedom in terms of research methodology and artistic means. 

This year the Driewieler Collective will be taking over the foundation. From the 18th of August we will be based in Athens, and working from the Metamatic:taf's studios until September 18th. The last week will be full of performances and during the previous month, rehearsals and public talk will be organised to impregnate the greek population into the project.


We need your support more than ever to make this project possible. The money collected will allow our collective to make a deep dive into the greek society and witness the greek reality.  It will help the creation of a social based project with the Greek population. With the donations, we will, not only be able to pay accommodation but we will be able also to create objects for our performances and to afford the material and production costs. We promise you plenty of nice objects, full of coloursbeautiful and disgusting.


For all donations received you will receive a special reward, made with love and appreciation and we will refer your name in the press release and as part of the sponsors of the exhibition.



Please help us making our vision of a new community become true, it is in your hands to help us!


Driewieler Collectief

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