Exhibition at the Leipzig Art Fair 2018

Help me get to Leipzig in 2018!

Project visual Exhibition at the Leipzig Art Fair 2018
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Adam-Porter1637 days

Although my French is non functioning, I'm hoping Koda is on his way down here and you are on your way to Germany in the near future. All the best Andrea, Hugo and Adam.

Reinettelabo1650 days

allez Corny tu vas y arrivé bisous

Mr.J1652 days

As always Love the work Mr. D and Good Luck with raising the funds for the exhibition.

elgaouri1660 days

S'il reste de la place dans le camion, je fais la route avec vous ;-)

RobDog1663 days

I wish you riches and fame regardless of whether you like that, but most of all keep working.

guv1663 days

It strikes me you haven't budgeted adequately for beer and sushi, so I suppose you will suffer for your art on water and bratwurst. Well done

Victoria Wilson1663 days

Good luck Con, I hope you get to your target. xx