La danse n'a plus rien à raconter, elle a beaucoup à dire. 'Maurice Béjart'

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In 2014, ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company started a challenging project. A Political dance show called Corps oubliés (Forgotten Bodies). The choreography was based on the world widely known masterpiece, The rite of spring (Le sacre du printemps) mixed with images of women in black veil. The show was performed only once and soon it was put aside and ignored by most of western theatre/festival directors because of its daring topic which is still a taboo: Hijab.


In 2017, the company is selected by a remarkable dance venue (RAMDAM, un centre d'art - under director of an iconic choreographer, Maguy Marin) to develop the project and to re-create it. Then the show will be performed in Cologne by 7 May 2017 in frame of a festival (more info and details will come soon). The project is pretty big (15 artists including 11 dancers) production and without your support, it will not be possible for the company to make it as it deserves.


Allocation of funds

We need your support because:


1) We care about all human's right anywhere they are but not only western human's right. We believe that we need to speak laud about women in difficulties specially when the difficult situation comes from men's side and their beliefs. We dare to speak about it but we need your support to go further.


2) We believe that art is not only to please its audience but also warn, to criticise, to invite people to think, to react and to step forward in solving problems of other people or at least to talk about it. Because we believe that we are living in one single world.


3) There are 15 young artistes working on this project and they need to live and to be paid for the time they dedicate to this important topic.


and at the end:

4) Current cultural policy of western countries seems to be absolutely focused on supporting art works without a hard theme or social-political engagement. So, we can not expect any support from their side for our project. We need your support to show that people think differently from the governments and that people care about people.




Your support will help us to cover following expenses:   - 1200€ > Transport expenses for 15 artists (including 8 local, 3 national 4 international destinations). - 700€ > Per-diem > Providing daily food for 15 artistes (during two weeks of rehearsals and two up coming performances). - 750€ > Renting two video projectors (10000 lumens) - 200€ > Buying necessary material for costumes and accessories. - 150€ > Printing small catalogues and flyers for the show.   ***In case we could pass the target amount (fingers crossed), we will print a book about the show with interviews of each involved artist and journalistes.***  


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