Frire une sardine à Ulan Bathor

Victor and Etienne race from London to Ulan Bator with their old Renault 4 and rise money for the Order of Malta and CoolEarth.

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Frire une sardine à Ulan Bathor

The project


Next summer, we will participate in the Mongol Rally!


What’s the Mongol Rally?


This humanitarian car race has been organized for fifteen years by The Adventurists, a British association, who acknowledges that the western way of life may prevents us from taking risks and require us to live in high safety environment.


The spirit of The Mongol Rally is to use a car fit as inadequately as possible to drive, choosing our own route, from London to Ulan Bator.


The Adventurists want the racers to give a minimum share of their budget to charity. In order for registration to the Mongol Rally to be valid we have to give 500£ to Coolearth, who fight against the destruction of tropical forest, and 500£ to the association of our own choice.


Initially, the rally intended to bring used car in Mongolia to contribute to the creation of a second hand car market with cars under 10 years of age.


Two years ago, Mongolia refuse cars to remain on its territory. As cars are no longer intended to remain in Mongolia, The Adventurist have chosen to spice up the race by imposing the car be over ten years old.

In short the Mongol Rally is:

An adventure from London to Ulan-Ude & Ulan-Bator,

each team chooses its own route,

provides funding to charity,

with cars over 10 years old and less than 1 liter

without any assistance.


Whom do we donate to?


We will give Coolearth 500£ and the next 500£ + all the money collected in excess over our budget to The Order of Malta for its action to Eastern Christians and Syrian refugees.

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