The intimate portrait of a city on the brink of a change. Istanbul, as you've never seen it before.

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We are Jean-Marc Caimi and Valentina Piccinni, a photography duo based in Rome, working internationally. We have been collaborating for several years for documentary and more personal projects.

With the book Güle Güle (goodbye in Turkish) we'll take you on a surprising journey through the immense city of Istanbul, rapidly changing, bursting of energy and contrasts.

Photographs are the result of our multiple relations with people and places, a fascinating humanity and visually striking and unexpected situations and scenarios.

Gentrification, the marginalization of the poorer classes, the increasing discrimination of homosexuality, the massive migratory influx of Syrian refugees and the Kurdish community issue are just some of the realities behind the subjects portrayed.


The project is mainly organized in diptychs, with a constant dialogue between the images. Reality is deconstructed and reconstructed, favouring a free interpretation.

Photographs have never been altered or retouched to enhance what we believe being immediacy and straightforwardness, coherent with the approach we had while doing this work.

The Güle Güle project was presented this year as a dummy-book and received multiple awards:

• Shortlisted at LUMA Rencontres dummy book Award in Arles

• Special Mention at Kassel Photobook Award

• Shortlisted at Photoboox Awards - Photolux

• Winner at Sony World Photography Award in the discovery category

• Special Mention at Premio Marco Bastianelli

• Winner at the Gibellina Photo Road

• Finalist at the Voies Off Screening Nights

• Finalist at Warsaw Photo Days

It will be also featured at the upcoming Mannheim Biennale für aktuelle Fotografie with the exhibition of a selection of diptychs printed in large format. The exhibition curated by David Campany is titled "When images Collide" and is held at the Ailhelm-Hack Museum.

Allocation of funds

Now, the “maquette” will become a beautiful photographic book published by renown French publisher André Frère with the best materials and offset printing system available on the market. It will feature more than 125 colour pictures.

We have to deal with many cost-related issues and we need a little help from you. There are many options to choose from. We thank you in advance!

The objective to be reached is 6 000 €, but we hope to reach 7 000 € in order to be able to cover 50% of the costs of the book production, sales in bookshops, on fairs and festivals where our publisher is present will cover the balance of the costs

The Book Budget: €14,000
Pre-press, printing 1,000 copies, binding and transport: € 9,000 
Layout and editorial work: € 3 000 
Sending and management of rewards: € 1,000
Printing postcards and prints: € 520 €
Costs % KKBBB: € 480 


Walls in the photographers' studio during the editing process.Güle Güle dummy book at the finalists' display table at LUMA Foundation (Arles)


Jean-Marc Caimi & Valentina Piccinni collaborate for projects focused both on documentary and more personal photography. Their works are regularly featured in the press worldwide and are exhibited in galleries and festivals in Europe and Asia. The duo published four books, “Rhome” (winner of FUAM Dummy Book Award 2018 and shortlisted in PHotoEspaña prize for best photobook of the year 2019), “Forcella”, “Same Tense” & “Daily Bread”. With their last project “Güle Güle” they are shortlisted in Luma Dummy Book Award 2019, they received a Special Mention in Kassel Dummy Book Award and won the 2019 Sony WPO Awards in the Discovery category. They are the recipient of the Zine Tonic Award with the work “The Burning Plain”.



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