Help COZIN record their debut album!

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Monday, November 14, 2016
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COZIN is recording their debut album w/ top producer Koen Gisen (An Pierlé)! Help make these melancholic indie folk songs come to life!

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Help COZIN record their debut album!

Who are we?


COZIN (formerly known as Hugo’s Cousin) is an indie folk band from Ghent with a distinctive acoustic sound marked by catchy melodies and beautiful vocal harmonies. They play dreamy songs about melancholia and desire, or criticise on certain aspects of our society. The music is created by singer-songwriter Dorien Staljanssens, who accompanies herself on piano or guitar. She is backed by Muriel Boulanger, who is magnificent on double bass, and the graceful violinist, Anne Van Steenwinkel. Muriel and Anne double as a string orchestra or a rhythm section, and lift the music with engaging backing vocals. COZIN has competed in and won several contests and performed on many stages (Festival Dranouter, Het Depot, UrGent.FM/Democrazy, Jonge Wolven, Leffingeleuren, The Paulusfeesten, CC De Meet, De Brielpoort and many more).


We are now ready to record our first full album!



 "Ever since I was a child, I have always been busy playing and creating music. It has always been the one thing to me that can ease my mind in any situation and never bores me. I adore every aspect of making a song. Having a spark of inspiration at an unexpected moment, singing that one idea over and over and finding the chords on an instrument. Building the chorus, verse and bridge on those first fundamentals. Getting every word of the lyrics just right. Hearing the harmonies. Sharing it with your bandmates! Playing it live! And finally, RECORDING IT! I am so excited to put my songs together on an album. It is the most personally fulfilling thing that I could imagine doing right now. With this crowdfunding, I hope you can support me and my band to achieve my dream." - Dorien 



Want to know more about us? Check out our website with music, video's and more information, and we also have a facebook page!



Allocation of funds

We want to make an album with your help!


This is a special time for Cozin, as we are recording our debut album with top-notch producer Koen Gisen (An Pierlé, Bony King, Sarah Ferri)!


In addition to preparing the music, rehearsing like crazy, and spending tons of time in the studio, we need to have a budget to give us that extra push to make it real. In the last decade, the music business has changed a lot, and artists are now expected to invest more financially than ever before. We have raised some funds from our shows, but it isn’t enough. So, we are asking you for your help.


In total, we need 10.000 euros to make this album. This money will be used for:

Producing, recording and mixing (Studio La Patrie, Gent): 6000 euros

Mastering: 700 euros

Design artwork: 300 euros

Physical production: 1500 euros

Promotion: 1500 euros

Service cost: 8% (5% for KKBB and 3% for payment services)






We are doing a 50/50 deal, so we hope to raise at least 5000 euros with this campaign! :-)

Of course, you will get something in return for your generosity!


You can choose different perks corresponding to different levels of support, ranging from 5 to 500 euros. Available rewards include a signed album, a VIP invitation to a show, a special booklet with artwork that's created on COZIN's music, a piano lesson, a living room concert, or your name in the CD booklet!


We plan to release the album in March! :-)


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If you cannot financially contribute to this album, you can still help us out by sharing this campaign, giving us a like on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and spreading the word about Cozin!



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