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Monday, November 14, 2016
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Dorien Staljanssens

COZIN is recording their debut album w/ top producer Koen Gisen (An Pierlé)! Help make these melancholic indie folk songs come to life!

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry X-Mas!

Thanks for your support! We hope you enjoyed 2016 as much as we did. Cherish your friends and family together with us!

Merry X-Mas!


PS: See you 5th of April at Bij De Vieze Gasten in Ghent for our album release show? :-)


Monday, December 05, 2016


The recordings for the album are ready and are currently being mixed.

Then mastering, design, physical reproduction and .... done!


In the meantime, we also made a cover Mia from Gorki (a famous Belgian song), you can watch it here (it is in Dutch though): 



Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Last 5 days, aiming for music video!

Dear all


In the mean time, we reached an amount of €5500, which is really amazing!

We'll have a string quartet on the album! :-)

On top of that, we are making final efforts to raise more funds. We'd love to make a great music video too to promote the album.

You can still help us by sharing our project!


Talk to you soon,

x Dorien



Friday, November 04, 2016

First days in the studio: a small report

We started making our record last Tuesday!


Getting in the studio was not easy, as it is more of a bunker as you can see below. The lady of the house, Miss Pierlé asked me for the password before I could enter. It is very indecent so I won't put it here. 





The studio itself has many peculiar attributes and smells like eucalyptus. This helps to get into the right atmosphere for playing.




Koen has a lot of gear. A lot a lot of gear.





Us playing. (I hope to be in the next series of pictures if Muriel proposes to take one of me.)




It is still a little bit of a secret, but we'll have drums on the record!!! :-) 



Focused listening.





Producers have an extensive skill-set. From tuning drums to blowing up a double bass wheel.





Anne already started writing arrangements for the string quartet! We only lack €60 to make this possible! 

So please, support us if you haven't yet! :-)





Talk to you soon!

x Dorien

Thursday, October 27, 2016

100% funded!!! We stretch our target!

This is crazy! We reached our target already!!! Thank you all so much for being so generous and so supportive. Thanks to you, our debut album will truly become a reality!


But what do you do if you reach your target and still have 18 days of crowdfunding to go?

You jump in the air, praise yourself lucky and... stretch your target.


We are ambitious. So what we’ll try to do next is the following:

  • Collect a total of  5500 euro = We add a string quartet (for more drama)!

  • Collect a total of 6000 euro = Crazy music video of Cozin playing in the air

  • Collect 7000 euro = We release the album also on vinyl !!!


No matter what will still happen, our project succeeded!

We’ll be in the studio from November 1 onwards! :-))))))))))

We keep you posted.



PS: There are still some tickets available for our exclusive concert at a unique historic location in the Sint-Pieters abbey in Ghent, on December 1 at 20.00h. (choose the 55 perk / 2 tickets / bubbles / signed album)








Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nearing 75% :-)

Dear investors


Thanks to you, our crowdfunding is doing great! We already gathered 73% of the budget (22 days passed/ 23 days to go). We are in the newspaper, start to appear on blogs and even got a show booked in Paris! :-)


Although our goal gets closer and closer, we need to keep all hands on deck to reach our target!

So please, keep on talking about us and sharing our campaign!


Thank you so much!!!


PS: Tonight we play a concert by candle light, in Den Traveir (Menenstraat 13, 8880 Ledegem) at 22.30h. 





Sunday, October 16, 2016

Friends of friends

Friends of friends, friends of family, colleagues of friends, colleagues of family... we start to reach a second circle of supporters!

One third of the project time has passed and we collected one third of the budget, so we're still on track :-)! Thanks so much!


We start the first recordings on November 1th, so this crowdfunding just has to go right!


Keep helping us by talking about this project:

- eg. these girls are crazy, they'll never make it

- or: wow, ambitious

- or: no way, 10000 euros for an album, that's way too much, I think that's not gonna happen

- or: yes, big amount, but I do think it's possible! ;-)






Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An all-or-nothing game

We're almost reaching 30% of our goal, which means we had a good start :-)!


However, if we don't reach our target, all the money will inevitably go back to the funders, so please help us spread the word about this campaign so we manage reaching the €5000-goal!


Thanks so much for helping out!

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Reached 20% in only 5 days!

What a warm feeling it is to get support from so many people! 

In only 5 days, we reached 20% of our target, thanks to you :-)!


Apparently, if you get over 20% funding, you have 88% of reaching your target! Woop woop!

Thanks xxx




Sunday, October 02, 2016

10% in only 2 days!

Woow! This is going really well! In only 2 days, we already gathered 10% of our budget!

Thanks so much to the first 15 believers and supporters!!!