Help us bring basic income closer to reality in Europe!

Help us finance the collection of 875.000 signatures FAST so we can make basic income the hottest political topic in Europe.

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BasicIncomeEurope2816 days

Dear supporters, sorry that we haven't been so reactive here. Here are the latest news from the initiative and our next steps for the future: Unconditional regards,

max892889 days

eloquent... I have see no action from you, and only 6 days remaining.

max892897 days

Where has my money gone ?

BasicIncomeEurope2912 days

@ Nathan: first, let us precise that KissKissBankBank actually transfered the money 10 days after the end of the crowdfunding campaign. Our first steps then have been to experiment facebook campaign with part of the money, to adjust along the way how to proceed and get the best results with our overall budget (hence the absence of visible results). What we learnt so far is that we can get a lot of visibility through facebook, but it's more difficult to make them sign. We need to revamp our landing page to improve our conversion rate. Lastly, As Andrija said, we are all volunteering and learning a lot by doing this. Thank you for your support and understanding!

andrija.cajic2917 days

Nathan, I understand your concern. But then again, I don't know how many people are behind this, volunteering... Maybe it's just one person. Anyhow, I don't want to sound like I'm bossing around or anything since I'm not doing any work around this. But I think things should have been ready to go before campaign ended.

nathan.koren2917 days

I'm getting very concerned that the funds we donated are not being used as promised. It's been 22 days since the campaign was financed and the last communication from the project was 10 days ago. It doesn't look like any ads have started running -- there has been no change in the rate of sign-ups, at least. There are now only 34 days left for the petition to be signed, so every day counts. When are things going to get moving?

clemdup2924 days

Hello, any news on the planned actions and roadmap would be great, when you have some time to share it with us backers. Thank you

florislaga2925 days

Please keep us up to date about what is in the pipeline !!

BasicIncomeEurope2927 days

@Andrija: it took actually 10 days for KissKissBankBank to transfer the money to our bank account. We will start very soon.

andrija.cajic2931 days

So, 7 days after we collected the required money, still nothing happens... 7 days out of 55 that we had at disposal... I used to track the number of collected signatures on to see how advertising affects the numbers. But now you don't even refresh that information.

andrija.cajic2935 days

When is the advertising starting? I'm affraid there is not much time.

lerider312938 days

Je rajoute ma pierre avant la clôture ! :)