"Heureux qui comme Sophie"

Solidarity project, travel diary, life diary, my testimony as woman, EDHEC student, new parisian, passionate.

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"Heureux qui comme Sophie"

"Heureux qui comme Sophie" (Happy he who like Sophie) tales my life of the past two years as an apprentice: EDHEC Business School student and internal controller in a major company of the perfumes & cosmetics sector. It is now time for me to share it with you to promote the benefits of the experiences I had abroad and help students in their mobility projects.



This is my travel diary, my life diary, my testimony as young woman, student, internal controller rushing from headquarters to missions abroad, recent Parisian, born in Morocco, raised in the French country-side, London graduate, anchored in the world, its diversity, curious and passionate. But above all, "Heureux qui comme Sophie" is my philosophy: approach life as a journey, go away to get back and share those experiences with your friends, always enjoy the moment. Travel to observe, meet others, grow with smiles, attitudes, original fashion, new scenes and capture it all, freeze the moment with a smartphone, share, again. Happy to be in the constant turmoil, the spree of life. Never let down the hand of the child you once were.



Those moments captured, I developed the habit of throwing them like bottles in the sea on TumblrFacebookTwitterInstagram. Initiated in September 2011, my Tumblr became over the days, the month, this diary describing an unexpected and exceptional path, made possible by my experience as apprentice: London and New York City for summer courses, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai for audit missions thanks to the trust I received from my manager. In addition to these destinations, I lived a few months in Lille, moved to Paris, enjoyed holidays in Barcelona and a homecoming week in Morocco. Along the pages, destinations, from one continent to another, east to west, I discovered the world, others, but also myself. I captured these trips through my eyes, my complexity, my humor, my passion, my questions.






The idea of printing a book came to my mind inspired by a person holding a very special place in my heart. It took me a significant amount of evening working sessions to edit these 124 pages, one by one, using a professional software as an autodidact. Observing the great feedbacks I received from the people who had a look at the book, I decided to share it with a greater audience and, with the support of EDHEC Business School, I decided to use this fundraising campaign to support students in their mobility and expose my photos on the school parisian campus in 2014.



Book features :

"Heureux qui comme Sophie"

Available as .pdf here:


Quadri recto verso

Superior quality paper

124 pages, 19 x 15 cm, Italian layout

Allocation of funds

In contributing to this fundraising, you are supporting

- the creation, with the fund EDHEC4All, of five 200-euro mobility grants on social ground for EDHEC students wishing to take part to studies or an internship abroad in 2014;

- the publishing of 50 copies of my first book ever;

- the organization of an exhibition at the EDHEC Business School campus in Paris.



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