Je suis un Star, mâtez-moi! I am a Star, rig me!

Help us find new masts for Elsée & the Star Ile de France feet.

Project visual Je suis un Star, mâtez-moi!     I am a Star, rig me!
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Je suis un Star, mâtez-moi! I am a Star, rig me!

I am a Star, Rig me !


The Star is one of the most extraordinary racing boats.

Designed in 1911, she has been the boat of the Olympic Games from 1932 untill London in 2012.


Her huge mainsail and her little jib set on an incredibly thin mast give her a remarkable aesthetic purity and unique technical finesse.


Within three weeks, we accidentally lost two masts and our third one, which was to be the replacement one for the fleet, is already sleeved!


Behind our french champions as Xavier Rohart, three fleets gather fans of this sea mustang at time difficult to master : Nice, Annecy and Meulan/Les Mureaux.

On the river Seine, the Star is ideal for her liveliness and technicity.


We created the Ile de France Fleet 25 years ago.

With our friends from the Paris Fleet, we count some twenty boats of all ages and race them for short animated regattas 20 miles West of Paris.



Help us to rig again our old boats !

Allocation of funds

We are looking for two second hand mats and at least one mainsail.


The cost for a new mast is too important for our old boats but some second-hand ones are available in Europe.

We found a naked tube we intend to re-equip with the material recovered from the broken masts.

We are looking to have a second tube, as a backup mast for the Fleet of the Ile de France.

If we receive enough contributions, we will seek a set of second hand sails to equip old boats with newer sails.  

We also want to develop our Fleet activity out of our waters : Annecy, Germany, French Championships, Nice, etc. So we need to put our trailers back in good shape (including to pick up our masts that are 11 meters long and its very difficult to carry).

Choose your reward


Nos sincères remerciements. Vous serez tenus au courant de l'activité de notre Flotte. Our sincere thanks. You will be kept informed of the activity of our Fleet.
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


Porte-clés "Je suis un Star..." Acrylic rouge Envoi postal
  • 1 backer
  • Availability: 39/40
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


KeyRing "I am a Star, Rig Me!". Red acrylic. Sent by regular mail.
  • Availability: 15/15
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


T-shirt Bleu marine. Poitrine : "Je suis un Star". Dos : "Mâtez-moi!". Taille selon votre demande. Envoi postal.
  • Availability: 10/10
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


Navy blue T-shirt. Chest : "I Am A Star" Back : "Rig Me" printed in white. Fit to your size. Regular mail.
  • 1 backer
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


Un jeu de 4 taquets à taud "Star" avec 1,5 m de sandow chacun. Livraison lettre suivie. One set of 4 Star cleats for boat cover with a 4 feet sandow. Delivery by regular mail.
  • Availability: 25/25
  • Estimated delivery October 2015


Girouette "Star" Réalisée sur une base Hawk, l'aérien est remplacé par une étoile bleue ou rouge. Star wind vane based on a modified Hawk, flag replaced by a blue or red star.
  • Availability: 20/20
  • Estimated delivery October 2015


Un samedi après midi de navigation en Star sur la Seine. One Saturday afternoon ride with a Star on the river Seine.
  • Availability: 1/1
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


Un samedi après midi de navigation en Star sur la Seine, par beau temps et avec la garantie du vent, on recommence s'il n'y a pas de vent! One Saturday afternoon ride with a Star on the river Seine but if the weather's not OK, we'll do it once again!
  • Availability: 1/1
  • Estimated delivery September 2015


Une régate sur la Seine avec moi. (plus 54 € si vous n'avez pas de licence FFV). One regatta on the river Seine with me (add 54€ for official insurance)
  • Availability: 1/1
  • Estimated delivery September 2015

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